Tuesday, March 8, 2011

for our dreams

Today I'm guest posting at Randi's blog, "i have to say...".  Randi asked me to share some thoughts about making goals and reaching them.  I may have blathered on, which hardly seemed avoidable, but the folks there are being kind.  Which is good because I opened up a bit about my dream to write a book. And that's always a vulnerable thing to put out there!

sneak peaky

And here's a little sneak peaky of a finished quilt I'll be washing up today.  Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. also consider selling your awesome patterns! I remember reading Meg McElwee saying that from a business perspective, she has made way more money off of selling patterns than she has/will from books. Just a thought b/c your patterns are so clearly written and well-done.

  2. Rachel that was a lovely post. Thank you for being so honest!I agree, deciding whether it is worth it to pursue those kind of dreams is difficult. Because naturally some sacrifices will have to be made somewhere. But I think that if you have a strong desire, then you at least need to see where it can take you. You may end up in a totally different place than you ever imagined. And that's the beauty of knowing that God has a plan for us that is better than we can possibly imagine. ;)

    I'll be first in line for your book! ;)

  3. Really, really excellent article, Rach. Great job! I especially liked the way you weighed the choice and thought though the contingencies. Clear and totally applicable.

  4. I can totally see you writing an awesome book! I'll definitely be buying it!!

  5. Hi Rachel! I read your post on Randi's blog, and I thought it was beautifully written and so earnest. I think keeping sight of the big picture of our dreams and goals is so important, and I was so excited to read that you're thinking of writing a book. If it's anything like your blog, it should be a best seller for sure! I'm ready to sign up to get my copy :)

  6. Can I just tell you how I appreciate your honesty and transparency? It's so nice to see! I wish you all the things you hope for.
    I love your sewing too!

  7. I just came across your blog this week and love it. Thanks for sharing your dream and a bit of yourself :)

  8. Great read! I really enjoyed it.
    Don't be scared of homeschooling! Aren't your kids home with you already? Life on the first day of homeschooling will be exactly the same. Every day is Saturday at our house!

    And fear not the book publishing. Doors swing open when you are on the track you are meant to be. Me - my blog has brought me invitations to art exhibits to sell my pieces! 5 shows now!! Things are just happenin'! I'm turning commissions away now, I'm so busy.

    And as kids get older, they get more independent. Homelife has it's own groove & flow...

    all the best,
    up north

  9. Rachel, I loved your post. Thanks for the encouragement and transparency. It was really really great. :)


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