Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {Please Join Right In}

This post is part of a series Bottled Rainbows {ticker tape quilt along}. You can join in anytime. We're going at a leisurely pace and using up our scraps! Please see this page for links to all posts, and join us on Flickr to share your questions and work-in-progress!

Goodness! There is no way I can keep up with all the fab Bottled Rainbow blocks showing up in our pool.  Your blocks are lookin good, real good!  I've been also loving your solids shots.   Rainbow LOVE!

pin cushion for giveaway

These are the exact solids in the Bottled Rainbow Fat Quarter Set, photographed by Maureen with a pincushion she made from scraps! Maureen is giving away that pincushion today!

bottled rainbows

This solid stack photographed by AquaKnits shows some of the alternate Konas I suggested, such as Ivy, Rich Red, Bubblegum and Deep Blue.

A little birdie told me that we have lots of new artists joining this Quilt-Along right now, so here's a quick review of where we've been so far:

::the Inspiration Post::  see the Big Picture & get The Button.  Also, bookmark this one because I'll keep updating it with links to the entire quilt-along.

::the Materials List::  pretty self explanatory.

::the Example Block:: with a bit of Q & A and link to buy a Bottled Rainbow Fat Quarter Set

::the Scrap Swap::  learn how we're swapping scraps via our Flickr Group

::the Ticker Tape Post::  see Your Options and find out about My Approach

::the How To Post::  make a Bottled Rainbow block in the Quilt-As-You-Go method

If you want to follow the "official" quilt-along progress, this week we're making block #2 of any color you'd like.  But, I don't think anyone is following at that pace?  From the looks of things, most of you are getting way too excited for "leisurely" (wink). And, that's fine. I think I'll try to go slow myself so that no one feels rushed.  You know, that way you can keep saying, "well, at least I'm not going as slow as Rachel!"  No prob.  Glad to help!

Bottled Rainbow in School Bus Orange

good morning!

This week I made my lighter orange block, in Kona School Bus orange. This block will go beside Ruby and under Pumpkin.

my Bottled Rainbows

Oh, what's that?  Did you notice that I've made 3 blocks?  Well, that's entirely not my fault.  I had to make an example block, remember?  I think this means I can skip a week if life gets particularly crazy.   Ooh, that's like insurance I might actually use!  Cool.

If you're still scrap-hungry, you should rush over to see these Bottled Rainbow Scrap Bags that Ruth of Sew Love Fabrics made for our quilt-along.  She's cut scraps to match the solids we're using - because she's making a Bottled Rainbow too!  Ruth is doing the quilt-along with the "preferred" Konas, so if you are too, things couldn't get better than this, buying-wise. 

Thanks, Ruth! 

Have a wonderful day, everyone!  


  1. Ok, you've got me, I'm in. I've been resisting, because I just don't have the scrap stash (I haven't been quilting very long). Now I don't have any excuse. I am really excited about this quilt!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my pincushion and fabrics! I haven't been able to start yet, as I am still waiting for my batting to get here -- since we are quilting as we go. (I wasn't prepared for that :)

    I am planning for some major block making this weekend!

  3. Oh your three blocks look fab together! It's fun to see those colors because I've only worked with greens so far. ;)

    And don't worry...we'll keep it leisurely. I really appreciate that about this quilt along! Oh and even my husband liked my blocks. So yay!

  4. I'm having so much fun with this quilt along... and am half way thru the blocks. The finished blocks look wonderful together and I can wait to start assembling them!

  5. I have officially committed to making this along with you all! Can't wait. My solids are on the way and I have been enjoying the task of sorting through my scraps by color and remembering where I have used them all. It's a great sign of what's to come.

  6. Your blocks look so great together! And thanks so much for sharing my solids pic! Your suggestions for alternate colors really helped a lot in getting all the solids needed. :)

  7. At the FAT QUARTER Shop online they sell every color imagineable in Konas. I purchased a few more in half-yard quantity. Just thought someone might need this information. I used some alternate colors as well.

  8. I have all the konas and now I need to start going through my scraps. Whee!

  9. I am waiting for my fat quarters in the mail!! I am going to have some catching up to do! These are so much fun! I got my lovely SIL to commit too! :)

  10. very nice blocks, I may have to try at a later date.

  11. So glad you're sticking with the leisurely one a week pace! This is my first sew-along and that's a pace I think I can manage. It'd be so discouraging to be the class slow-poke! :)

  12. I saw your blocks and decided to just do a 'teddy bear card/quilt' for my grandson using my green scraps. Did not make a dent. In the green scraps I mean, but the quilt worked out great for my grandson. I made it 'i-spy-ish and then wrote the words around the outside edge. Thanks for the idea. I'm making each of my families birthday cards this year; Carter's just ended up bigger than most.


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