Monday, March 21, 2011

Atlanta Stashings!

So, it's safe to say that my husband and I are country folk to the bone.  While shopping and eating in Atlanta are fabulous, we were quite befuddled by all the traffic, traffic, TRAFFIC.  Honestly, I was most happy at home on Sunday working together in the yard, picking flowers for the kitchen and pottling around with new fabrics. Which is not at all to say that we had a "bad" trip.  Really!  We did have a nice time.

happy at home

And goodness, did we shop! I am so totally in need of new clothes.  You know, the kind that fit and aren't stained, and have some personality please.  I most especially was hoping to find a few pretty dresses, as my favorites were ruined within the last year.  I was so excited to visit some lovely shops that aren't found in our hometown.  But, alas several days of shopping and I only came away with 1 somewhat "eh" top that I scored from Ann Taylor Loft (which is like the only shop I do like in our hometown).  hmm...

The obvious solution:  make my own dress.  I mean, I do love to sew, don't I?  My aversion to sewing clothes stems from a slow, painful experience when I was new to everything "sewing."  Making pjs for my kids was so many pieces, so much time.  But, hey, apparently shopping for my perfect dress takes longer, much longer!  As in, still nothing yet and I've nowhere else to look!   If I end up regretting this project, please remind me that I had no other options, ok?

Wow, and you thought this was just going to be a stashing post.  Muahahahaha.

OK, I'll give you the stashings now.  First up is some yardage I purchased for making DRESSES!

Atlanta Stashings for dresses

Here are Heath in Grey by Alexander Henry and an old Joel Dewberry print from his Ginsing collection. My husband likes me in grey, so the Heath print was his idea. I imagine adding in some little colored accents or maybe even a print. We'll see! It's the only dress fabric I purchased in regular quilting weight cotton. The Joel Dewberry print was on sale for $5 a yard in home decorator's weight. While I can think of many uses for it (non-clothing related) I'm hoping it would make a nice dress or skirt, maybe for fall?

(more) Atlanta Stashings for dresses

Then more home decorator's weight fabrics from "old" collections. I've always liked these prints when I've seen them around Flickr! The top one was only $3 a yard by Denise Schmidt and the bottom print is an old Amy Butler. Both would make nice dresses for summer, if they're not way too hot.  And therein lies the rub - I really don't know what I'm doing.  I do know what kind of dress I need to make to successfully use this weight of fabric (obviously no ruffles and gathers), but I don't have an actual pattern.  I've been hunting like crazy, and I have a bunch of books on request from the library.  Crossing fingers that I'll settle on something real soon so that I can actually wear one of these dresses this summer!  I found all of these fabrics at Intown Quilters.  Thanks so much for sending me that way!

prints for Kona Pacific, a Bottled Rainbow block

Besides dress (fabric) shopping, I was on the hunt for prints that would match Kona Pacific for the "ocean" block of Bottled Rainbows.  At left are Pacific and an Echino print I have at home.  Next are my stashings - a Castle Peeps print from Whipstitch and an unidentified grid-like flannel fat quarter from Intown Quilters.  These combined with my meager true blue scraps just may be enough for that block!

Of course I had some fun too. This first print is really striking in person.  The colors just sing!

Holland in Tea

Just for fun!

Ah, the pleasures of the big city - actually buying fabric in person!  If this is normal to you, please know that you are completely lucky.  And we are all jealous (or somewhat relieved not to face this level of temptation on a regular basis). 

Oh, take a look at this!

contemplating my border for Bottled Rainbows...

I do declare that Heath may be just the thing for my Bottled Rainbow quilt border.  What do you think?


  1. Fun fabric findings!! Thank you for sharing. I do like that Heath a bunch too! The Bottled Rainbow will look awesome in whatever border you choose, it's such an awesome idea for a quilt and what you've done so far is fabulous. Happy sewing!

  2. Atlanta traffic is terrible. Reminds me of Miami, my hometown, but the lazy-dazy streets of Durham, NC is where I love to drive now. BIG difference in traffic!

    As for dresses, find a good pattern or draw up your own. My two favorite skirts I patterned myself from a Threads mag, A-line skirt article. Home dec fabric works great of that. My big issue with quilting cottons for clothing is the tendency to wrinkle. Watch the way you use it because wrinkling while you wear it can be unsightly!

    Love your fab fabric choices, Jenny

  3. Not sure if you know of Oliver + S, "the" children's clothing pattern company? The designer just created a line for women called Lisette. It's put out by Simplicity and the looks are very classic. Reviewers say the directions are very thorough like the Oliver + S directions are. I'm hoping to delve into clothing for myself and am going to start with these. I look forward to following your adventures!

  4. A border, huh? The Bottled Rainbow quilt is gonna be huge with a border... I think I'm gonna just bind it...

  5. yes yes atlanta traffic is horrible. I am so thankful I live about 30 minutes away from Atlanta so that I don't have to deal with it. LOVE your new fabrics

  6. I think Heath is the best print ever! So versatile! It will look great with your Bottled Rainbow blocks.

    I too am intimidated by sewing clothes...I have a bunch of fabric stashed and haven't even tried to start making a dress for myself yet. Good luck :)

  7. What fun! Best of luck on the dress making! I just made my little one a dress on Friday (very simple pattern) and felt so good about it; I know you'll get great satisfaction out of this endevour!

  8. Oh I want that safety pin fabric, it is THE BEST!

    Your home dec fabric could be made into simple shift style sleeveless dresses, that would be really nice.

  9. Oh my gosh, how adorable is that Castle Peeps fabric! How I wish we had a "modern" quilt shop around here - not to knock the little old ladies and their shops, but modern fabrics like this would be delightful! Sigh! Someday :)

    Congrats on such great finds!!

  10. Definitely some good stashings here! As for dress patterns, I recommend checking out Simplicity's offerings. You can often find the patterns on sale for 99 cents a piece at Joann's and/or Hobby Lobby, and there are many lovely patterns to choose from.

    Also, I love the Heath fabric, and I do agree it would be a lovely border for BR!

    And another also, the unidentified blue/white print may be from Alexander Henry's new pirate line.

  11. I'm jealous! I want some of the baby safety pin fabric!! :)

  12. I hope you can find an awesome dress pattern soon!

    Gorgeous fabrics:)

  13. I LOVE Heath! I have 1/2 yard in every color but I think I should stock up!

  14. Thanks for the recommendation for Simplicity! yes, I was thinking a sit-in at Hancocks is in order.... Going through all those patterns is definitely a kid-less task though. Must find the time!

  15. Ooooh, lovely fabrics!

    I just started working on a dress last night. The pattern is called the Jamie dress from Sisboom. I have no idea what it will look like on me, but the pictures sure are cute.

  16. I was going to recommend a different Sis Boom pattern, The Meghan Dress. I've bought this one and have it a good way's just another thing that needs to be finished. maybe i'll finish it for easter. The cover on the pattern looks a little "va va voom" for me but there are a lot of options and I love that you can can change the neckline, the sleeve length and the dress length so easily. And it is in PDF format so you just print out the size that you need. Genius!

  17. Heath is going to look fabulous as a border! I don't know what your style is, but Liesl from Oliver + S has a new line of patterns for Simplicity called Lisette. I'm still deciding which pattern to try first!

  18. I'm just starting to sew apparel for myself and my family, and I have to tell you, I'm really excited that one of my favorite bloggers is starting to, too! One of the best things about making your own is that, even with just the most basic skills, you can make garments that are *such* a big step above what you could buy in a store, quality-wise. I'd also add that getting the proper fit from a mass-produced pattern can be really time-consuming (ugh, it's a pain, but definitely make a muslin! seriously, make three or four!), but once you make all the necessary adjustments, your clothes will look and feel so much nicer than store-bought.
    I hope you'll post about what you're sewing as far as clothing. I can't wait to see!

  19. I think there's going to be a sew-along with one of the new Lisette dress patterns here:
    I'm going to join in.

  20. Wow, Cate - thanks! Your comment is so encouraging! One of the reasons why I bought so many of the home dec prints is I figured I might need a few goes at it to get it right. I'm all about the "wearable muslin". I can always wear the mess-up dresses at home! I am considering the Passport dress from the Lisette patterns.

  21. I love all of your amazing finds! I'm near ATL too. Maybe we should all get together and craft sometime!

  22. Heath is such a great and versatile fabric! I love it, too! Especially the grey. I love that Joel Dewberry print, too! I'm a sucker for silhouettes and I think this would make a lovely skirt! Maybe the home-dec weight is a bit stiff for tops and dresses (?). Happy sewing! :-)

  23. I'm so glad you visited and liked Intown Quilters. That place is not good for my wallet! The Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop is this weekend and that's the first shop I'm visiting, can't wait to see what they are planning.
    Congrats on all your great fabric finds! Love them all.

  24. I bought 4 yards of the heath in gray having loved it as a home decor weight. I'm resisting the black but I don't think it will last.


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