Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wonky Star {LOVE}

I am quite excited that it is my turn to quilt again for the love circle of do. Good Stitches! Since my month is February, I decided to pull no punches and surrender completely to the allure of red, pink and white.  And, not just demure shades - no, full on punchy tulip red, bubblegum pink, bright pink and stark white in Wonky Stars.

Wonky Stars for do. Good Stitches

These were my first Wonky Stars, so I followed The Silly BooDilly's tutorial for starters.  I was happy to discover that this is a fairly straightforward block.   If you make one, you'll not need a tutorial again - maybe just some notes on cutting measurements.

Wonky Stars diagram

Basically, this block is made up of 9 squares.  Of the nine squares, 4 are solid background squares that go at the 4 corners, one is the center square and the other 4 are the star points.  You piece the star point squares and then simply piece all 9 squares together working in rows.  It's really easy to make different sized stars.  The Silly BooDilly's tutorial makes a standard 12.5" block by starting with 4.5" squares.  I also made a 6.5" block by starting with 2.5" squares and a 3.5" block by starting with 1.5" squares, which I worked into the white block.

I love how Wonky Stars allow you to feature a favorite print in the center block! I enjoyed working with fabrics I had in this love-ly color scheme.

a Love-ly color palette

Color notes?  Glad you asked!  I'm asking members of the love circle to make two 12.5" blocks entirely in red, pink and white.  Here's a full range of fabrics from my stash that fit the bill.  As you can see, neutrals like black and brown are ok in moderation.  I hope you have something at hand that works well - if not, Valentine's Day fabrics will be going on sale real soon!  For the solid backgrounds, please use Kona white, tomato, coral, red, peony, baby pink or medium pink.  I'm all for a variety of background colors on the quilt, but these are all the Kona colors that feel like a good fit.  You could make both of your blocks in the same background color or mix it up like I did.

And with the stars - please feel free to play!  Any number, size or composition of Wonky Stars is welcome!  Simple, one-star blocks are just as wanted as other sizes, so do what sounds fun. 

If you're not in the love circle and you find yourself craving some red, pink and white Wonky Star action, by all means go at it!  You know it would make a lovely pillow...  Or maybe a small version mounted on a card for your special friends on Valentine's?  That sounds rather nice, if I do say so myself!  You can share your creations at the Stitched in Color Flickr pool.




  1. I also talked a little in my blog about loving the reds and pinks right now! It's been SUCH a snowy Winter that for me, these colors look so fresh and lively.

    And your fabrics selection, all together, looks luscious!

  2. Beautiful selection of fabrics. I haven't tried a wonky star yet, but it looks like a fun thing to do, especially in these colors!

  3. Oh goody! My first month as part of the "love" group and we are doing pink, red and white! You should have put the icing on that cake and made it hearts! lol. I'm excited...I can do a wonky star in my sleep I think and I've made a great pattern that uses three of them in one 12.5" block...so I'll be sure to make one of those! Fun! fun! I can't wait to get started!

  4. Oh, I love your fabric selection, particularly that butterfly print. What is it?

  5. thanks, Anne. That butterfly print is from Delhi (I think) by Valorie Wells.

  6. Question about the pillow contest: I have one I finished about ten days ago. However, it was an old UFO started a couple years ago. Does this count as it was just worked on and completed? Or must it be started and completed in the recent past?

  7. Rachel. This is going to be adorable!!

    Does Angela mind sharing her 3 star block?

  8. Carol - Since you finished it recently, I'm all for you joining in! Thanks for checking, though.

  9. When I first saw the star with numbers on it in Flickr, I thought you'd made a clever wonky star clock. Ha.

    Although...hmmm....light bulb.

  10. Your wonky stars are adorable!


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