Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what's stitching for Good

Here's a little update on this month's fun with do. Good Stitches.  (do. Good Stitches is a modern virtual quilting bee that makes quilts for children and people in need.  There are many circles, each making one quilt per month for a good cause). 

This month the Faith circle is making a quilt for a 13-year-old girl who was impacted by the flooding in Australia.  One of our circle members (Kristy of Handmade Retro) lives in Australia, so she has designed and will do the finishing on our February quilt.  She called for a disappearing nine patch block in a fresh, springy color scheme.

for do. Good Stitches

Here are my original nine patch blocks.  I pulled from scraps, including some pretty charms that Ruth had sent me with my orders.  It's fun to see how the blocks change when they're sliced and re-assembled in the called for design.

disappearing nine patch blocks for February

This block is called the "disappearing" nine patch since you typically sash the blocks in the same solid that now sits at two corners of each block.  The corner squares will disappear into the sashing.

I'm also a member of the Love circle of do. Good Stitches.  You may remember that I am designing our project this month, so I made some wonky star blocks in red, pink and white earlier in February as examples for my team.  My friends have been hard at work!  Their blocks are now flaunting their loveliness in our Flickr group.  Here are a few:

love in Wonky Stars
1. by Ara Jane  2. by Lee of Freshly Pieced 3. by Angela of Cut to Pieces 4. by Lee of Freshly Pieced 5. by Melanie of Texas Freckles 6. by Ara Jane

I really desired variation, and I have not been disappointed.  I can't wait to get all 20 blocks together!  It's going to be so fun to play with!

If you are a modern quilter interested in joining up with us to do some good, please read more about do. Good Stitches in our Flickr Group description and consider joining our wait list via the New Members Form. I'll be contacting some lovely peeps on the wait list quite soon!


  1. This is going to be an absolutely stunning quilt. What beautiful red/pink blocks!

  2. Love the stars! Finished my first one yesterday - one more to go! It is already cut but now I'm inspired to change the design a bit...

  3. I love the blocks that you've made and the others that you've showcased too. Also wanted to let you know that I did a teeny write up about your do.Good Stitches project on my blog the other day. It's so wonderful that you and others make these beautiful quilts for charity.

  4. I think your wonky stars quilt is going to be beautiful, and I agree; the variation will really make it special!

    I'm enjoying being a member of the Comfort group. Thanks again for putting this lovely group together.

  5. I found your blog last week while looking for quilting ideas. The first post I read was about the Rainbow blocks and I enjoy seeing all the colors that are being used for this project! I am in Singapore now and with books and magazines very expensive, I appreciate your site for the inspiration that it gives me! Great place to visit each day!

  6. I can't wait to see the wonky stars quilt come together! It's going to be wonderful. Thanks for asking for wonky stars, I've been wanting to try them for so long.

  7. Both of these sets of blocks look lovely! I put in a new member application to participate a few weeks ago so fingers crossed I am one of the peeps you are emailing! :)


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