Monday, February 28, 2011

what a Party!

Did you see Rita's post?  She's announced the winner of our February contest over at Red Pepper Quilts!  I am so excited for you, Ara Jane!  I guess I should have know that Rita would choose the half square triangle pillow... 

party napkin pillow

Oh, and it is such a stunning look! Ara Jane, you'll have to show us some pictures of your finished nursery when the time comes.  I can't wait to see what else you design for your lucky little one.

To those stopping over from Aneela's blog, Comfortstitching, welcome, welcome!  I can't wait to see all the new pillows that will be created for the March edition of Blogger's Pillow Party.  Just hop on over to read the rules and enter your pillow! 

If I could enter, I most surely would.  I'd love to have a crack at the March prize - which is FIVE YARDS of Sherbet Pips (Aneela's own line, of course!) in whatever cuts and prints you like, donated by our very own Whipstitch Fabrics.  Oh. my. gosh.  You can take a look at all the prints available in Sherbet Pips right here

Bloggger's Pillow Party

Hey, I also have a prize to give out!  Rita of Red Pepper Quilts made these very springy pillow covers complete with her first ever zippers (yeah!).  She said I should give them out as a participation prize.  At first I was stumped cause you all participated.  Then I decided to narrow it down to those that participated in both the January and February pillow parties. It didn't take me long to realized I'd like to award the Participation Prize (aka, Rita's Pillows!) to miss JuneBug. 

participation prize goes to JuneBug!

JuneBug made the ever popular, reversible Rainbow Pillow in January and the Swooping Solids Pillow for February.  I really enjoyed JuneBug's post about the process and inspiration behind Swooping Solids.  She shared this photograph by Elsie Marley, which has totally captured my imagination.

I have not sewn curves yet, but I can feel it coming...

So, please contact me with your address, JuneBug!  I'll pass it along to Rita so you can start enjoying those pillows.

Goodness, it's a busy day!  I'm also featured today at Quilt Story.  They're sharing the story of the very first ever do. Good Stitches quilt.  Thanks!

You all have a great day.  I can tell it's gonna be a nice one!


  1. These are gorgeous pillows! Great job everyone. Can't wait to see March makes!!
    natalie :o)

  2. That pic is stunning!!! I'm going to be thinking of swoops all day :)

  3. I'm trying curves right now for the Single Girl Support Group. Let's just say, patience is a virtue. Congrats on the Quilt Story feature!

    I'm very much looking forward to the next round of the Pillow Party!

  4. Congrats to the winners -- both well deserving!

  5. Congrats Ara Jane! :D I also thought Rita would pick that one!

    That pattern would make an excellent quilt. Uh-oh, I didn't need any more ideas! :D (I like sewing's like magic.)

  6. Congratulations to Ara Jane and JuneBug! Your pillows are fantastic!

    Can't wait to see the March entries. :D

  7. yay, thank you so much rita and rachel! i am super flattered and pretty darn giddy about this. and i totally heart that swooping solids pillow. wow!

  8. that photo - it's so bizarre, but i just bought a quilting mag (needle & thread) from 1984 that has a similar quilt on the cover! it's called colorama. i love it!

  9. Wow! I'm so honored to win the participation prize! Such great pillows all around, really!

    And all those thinking of sewing the curves - it's not hard! At all! Trust me, and check out the youtube links I put on the Rainbow Pillow tutorial - they made my life so much easier sewing curves with no pins:


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