Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome, Whipstitch!

Have you met Deborah Moebes, my newest sponsor?  Maybe you've shopped at Whipstitch, her etsy fabric store?  Or maybe you follow her blog, where she runs great series like Sewing with Children? And then there's her book, Stitch by Stitch, which has established itself as my very favorite learn-to-sew book. My goodness - where to start?

I met Deborah first through her blog.  She makes beautiful, inspiring projects from quilts to clothes.  Her storytime quilt made in Far Far Away II was what first caught my eye.

I was enticed by the sewing classes she offers through her Atlanta-based store and online, to checkout Whipstitch itself.  I love her taste in fabrics!  She often stocks "hot" lines like Ruby Star Rising that truly fly off the shelves.  Just a few days ago she added the complete Central Park by Kate Spain collection in yardage.  I'm really drawn to this fresh springy look.  Wouldn't I love to make a quilt in these favorites:

Central Park available at Whipstitch!

I'm excited that in March, when my husband and I are in Atlanta for our anniversary, I'll get to visit Whipstitch in person.  I've never been to a modern quilting store, and I'm just so excited to see all these lovely fabrics in person.  I promise I'll share lots of pictures!  My fingers are crossed that Deborah will be offering some small sewing class, like her Sashiko Japanese Embroidery class, that Brandon will let me steal away to enjoy!

Stitch by Stitch by Deborah Moebes

An introduction to Deborah wouldn't be complete without a full and hearty recommendation of her book, Stitch by Stitch:  Learning to Sew One Project at a Time.  It was with much reluctance that I had to return it to the library, but not before I learned more than a few things!  Although I'm not a beginner sewer, I don't have a family history in sewing.  What I know I've learned from books and online, which leaves quite a few holes, I suppose.  One was the hem guide.

Handy Tools

The hem guide is the last tool listed here among ones Deborah recommends.  I've hated making curtains and hemming skirts because it's so tricky to press up a hem evenly.  This tool is going to make my life easier.

Charm Pack Skirt

Deborah's book is designed for the beginner sewer with projects that teach skills in a practical sequence.  Following her book, you'll complete projects that build upon one another so that you can be encouraged by beautiful finished projects along the way.  Her "Girl's Charm Pack Skirt" makes me want to buy my first charm pack!

Edge Finishes

I didn't have the opportunity to complete any Stitch by Stitch projects, but I did read through most of them and learned many new-to-me techniques.  For example, I thought I knew how to overstitch, but I was actually doing it wrong and had no idea how useful the technique is.  I appreciated how she showed different options for finishing edges.  And the entire book was such a nice layout, with spiral binding too!

So, what can I say, I'm a fan!  I'm so glad Deborah has chosen to sponsor Stitched in Color and I hope you'll find something you'll love in her fabric store or pick up a copy of her book if you're still learning how to sew. 

Thanks, Whipstitch!


  1. yeah for a new sponsor! I love the fabric selections pictured above.Also, I definitely need to check out Stitch By Stitch!

  2. I've heard great things about that book...I've been meaning to add it to my list!

  3. Oh my goodness! What an awesome coincidence! I just bought the book this morning! I can't wait for it to arrive so I can make a new skirt to go with my new boots, and to learn more about garments before I get to the Summit. Congrats on the new sponsor!

  4. The Central Park line is lovely, and congrats on the new sponsor! Deborah's FFAII quilt is awesome.

  5. What a great new sponsor, I have seen her site before. Congrats to you Rachel!

    I love, love those fabrics -- the middle right one is my fav!

  6. I've been dreaming of visiting Atlanta ever since finding out about whipstitch too, and I can personally vouch for the Central Park line - got a fat eighth bundle a while ago and blew right through it!

  7. I have sewed for many years, but I highly recommend this book. And I'm using her learning to sew series with my grandchildren. Fun fun!

  8. I love your choice of fabrics. They're all really beautiful. :) By the way, I've heard a lot of great stuff about that book as well. I'm looking forward to reading it soon. Thanks for sharing!


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