Monday, February 14, 2011

Fabric Candy

Happy Valentine's Day!  How about some eye candy from my friends at Sew Fresh Fabrics...

fabric candy

At this very moment I am absolutely craving a rainbow. I need, need, need to sew something full of color. This fabric candy is looking sooooo good.  I think this is the week I'm going to have to finalize plans for the rainbow-hued Ticker Tape Quilt-Along.  So, get your scraps ready folks!

On the left are three happy prints from the Sugar Pop collection (more colors here) and on the right are a rainbow of hues in Metro Living Circles. With names like marigold, chartreuse and chocolate, I simply could not pass by this fun new basic.  The chocolate circles are destined to become a quilt back quite soon!

new basics from Sew Fresh Fabrics

And here are some more "practical" purchases. Up top are Robert Kaufman's "Quilter's Linen Basics" in grey and cocoa. The cocoa came in quite handy when I discovered I needed a border for yesterday's quilt top!  These fabrics are not linen at all, but quilter's cotton instead.  They have a subtle grid-like print on top that reminds one of linen.  I think they're quite nice as a solid!

I also picked up some new-to-me shades of Valori Well's Nest berries and another Herringbone from Modern Meadow (Herringbone looks fab with anything.  He's such a nice guy). 

Oh, and I have a Valentine for you:

a Valentine

Thanks for stopping by all you sweet people! 


  1. oh...I haven't done a ticker tape quilt yet... I may have to do that along with you! Shoot! I have too many quilts to make! lol

  2. I've been gathering scraps for a ticker tape quilt :) can't wait!

  3. Beautiful fabrics, I love your choices! I agree, there's something about a rainbow of fabrics that is irresistible. Happy Valentines Day!

  4. I am STILL in love with that LOVE pillow!

  5. Beautiful fabrics! Happy *LOVE* day to you -- I hope it was a wonderful one!!!

  6. oh, they are all so gorgeous! I am dying to get my hands on some of the sugar pops after seeing it at my lqs!

  7. I'm craving rainbows too-and your quilt along with scraps is an awsome idea. !! I'll try to keep up. Lovely pictures,


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