Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {Scrappy Marketplace}

Scraps to give or scraps to get?  Let's create a temporary scrappy swap and marketplace at the Stitched in Color Flickr group.  Flickr is free and so easy to use!  If you don't have an account already, start one.  It'll be fun!

Before we get started, check this out:

Bottled Rainbows: Lime

So lovely!  It's a "lime" block made by Crystal of Sonnet of the Moon, and I happened upon it at our Flickr group. Why thanks, Crystal - we needed an example of a Bottled Rainbow with pinked scrap edges!  There's lots to discuss about tickering options, but we've got to have scraps to get started.  So here we go...

Since some of us have no scraps to give, a straight swap is not as much a solution as you'd think.  However, Flickr does prohibit explicit selling. So, I suggest we post pictures of what we have to offer and then folks can do swap negotiations on an individual bases via Flickr mail.

Whaaaat? Don't fret, I have details!

How to Share Your Scraps
  1. Divide your extra scraps by Bottled Rainbow color category (example:  Ruby, Raspberry, Petal.  See the color names on the Bottled Rainbow color grid).  If you have very large amount, you may have multiple groups (or lots) for each color. 
  2. Take 1 picture of each individual color lot you'd like to offer.  
  3. Upload the pictures to your Flickr photostream.  
  4. Title the pictures with the name of the correct Bottled Rainbow color category (example: Ruby, Raspberry, Petal) for each photograph
  5. Once you add pictures to Flickr, you'll find there is another field under the title field for each picture.  I think of this as the description field.  Add info about the scrap colors you need in the description (example:  I need Moss and Eggplant).  If you don't need any scraps, you can say something to the effect of "make me an offer" or "I have scraps up the wazoo". Whatever it is you will swap for, we'll leave that up to you to figure out when you talk directly with someone who wants to swap.  You could easily copy and paste this description to all of your pictures.
  6. Add your scrap lot pictures to the Stitched in Color Flickr group.
  7. Wait for prospective swappers to contact you via Flickr Mail or comments.
  8. When a lot has been taken, promptly remove that picture from the Stitched in Color Flickr group.
How to Get Scraps
  1. Check the Stitched in Color Flickr group for scrap lots you like.
  2. When you are serious about swapping, contact the lot owner via Flicker mail (hover over the image by their Flickr name and use the drop down menu to select "send FlickrMail")
  3. Before you make contact, take a look at what they'd like to swap for in the description line.  Let them know if you have a match or start talking about what else you could offer.
  4. Identify your location (US zipcode or Country) so that the lot owner can consider shipping expenses.
  5. Pay promptly!
Some Key Details for Everyone

It is imperative that sellers title their pictures accurately with color category names.  This makes it so much easier for buyers!  Since color is so subjective, be sure you take a picture of the actual EXACT scrap lot you are offering.  Taking pictures in natural lighting would be ideal.

Ironing your scraps will make them easy to view in a picture and less bulky in an envelope.

When considering shipping expenses, remember that scraps are quite light.  My test scrap lot (more than enough for one Bottled Rainbow block) weighed under 1 ounce and fit into a normal letter envelope.  Shipping it within the US would cost just 44 cents!  Even a 3 ounce package would cost about $1.50.

Choose scraps to swap out that you would be happy to receive!  Personally, I don't mind small sizes for a project of this type, but I'm pretty picky about the colors being right on.  So I say don't muddy up your scrap lots with scraps that don't really go. But, of course, it's all subjective!

Alright - let's see your scraps!  I know I need ocean and eggplant for sure...

P.S.  If you're interested in a straight scrap swap where you send out packages and get surprise scraps in exchange, you can enter the swap at SewSara.  Thanks for letting me know, Sara!


  1. eeeep! My solids haven't arrived from Whipstitch yet so I haven't divided my scraps up beyond ROYGBIV. Remember to go slow! :)

  2. Like Kelly, I've sorted my scraps using the ROYGBIV method while I wait for the solids... but definitely interested in swapping!

  3. LOVE Crystal's block! I'll take a look at FLICKR scrap swap and see if I can help anyone out. I for sure do not have enough variety to do this quilt.

  4. I love the look of her block -- so neat and pretty!

    I too am waiting for my Whipstitch fabrics, but if I look up how large the inside of each block is going to be, I can start laying my pieces out and eliminate my extras.

    Your ability to organize is simply amazing -- thanks so much for doing all that you do!

  5. I agree--I'm going to wait for my bundle to arrive from Whipstitch before I really start sorting. I think it will be easier when I have those fabrics in front of me. Can't wait!!

  6. Oooo, so looking forward to this! I'm waiting as well for my solids to come in, but I did start sorting scraps. I've got a lot of blues, but I'm not sure they're the right blues... I'm seriously considering purchasing a large scrap bag from Etsy. I figure they'll eventually get used, right?


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