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Bottled Rainbows {Materials List}

Eeek, I'm excited!  There's just something about rainbows.  I suppose if you love color, rainbows are pretty much IT.  I know that you are as excited as me about getting started, so I'm going to try to cover a few basis and popular questions in this post.

{solids} our Bottled Rainbow consists of 16 rectangle blocks, each finishing at 16 x20".  Each block is sashed in a bold solid hue, with sashing at 2.5" wide.  You'll need a quarter yard cut of each solid - so 16 cuts total.  Fat quarters or regular quarters will work.

being choosy

If you'd like to pull solids from your stash, use the Bottled Rainbow button as a guide.  Lay out your solids to see how they relate to one another.  Your favorite lime green may look quite muddy next to the mustard yellow.  Of course, you can mix things up - maybe you want a bright lemon yellow instead of my mustard hue.  Just be sure to keep checking to see how your colors relate to each other in the Bottled Rainbow layout.

Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along Palette

For your reference, here is a list of the Kona solids I'll be using.  In each case, the first Kona listed is the preferred shade.  I've also included alternative Konas for some colors.  The colors are listed starting with red in the left corner and snaking through the Bottled Rainbow color grid:

**This list and Bottled Rainbow Color Grid below updated December 2011 to reflect actual Kona's used.

Rich Red or Ruby
Pomegranate or Bright Pink
Candy Pink or Bubblegum - represented by Ta Dot above, as I need to order it!
Violet or Plum
Berry or Dark Violet or Eggplant
Tangerine - represented by a Wendover solid above for which there is no Kona equivalent. 
Orange or School Bus
Canary or Buttercup - represented by Buttercup above, which is a softer yellow that pairs well with softer greens.
Avocado or Moss
Everglade or Emerald
Marine or Deep Blue  - represented by Woodcut above, as I need to order it
Bahama Blue or Peacock - Peacock shown above
Grass or Peridot  - Peridot shown above
Chartreuse or Cactus - Cactus shown above

Note:  Grass Green and Chartreuse are bolder versions of Peridot and Cactus.  I suggest you choose one pairing or the other.  If you're going towards a brighter yellow like Canary, probably balance with Grass Green/Chartreuse.

*Updated* Bottled Rainbows Color Grid

I know that many of you will need most (or all) of these Konas.  You can buy complete sets by the fat quarter or half yard at Marmalade Fabrics.

{Neutral} the center of each block in our Bottled Rainbow is a neutral solid on which you will applique scraps in the ticker tape style.  You need 2 2/3 yards of your neutral.  I'm using Kona Bone, which is a creamy off white.  Even though I am a linen lover, I decided against it this time as the earthy tones may muddy some colors.  I suggest you choose your favorite white or cream to really let the rainbow shine!

{Scraps} here's where it gets fun!  You'll need enough scraps to fill the neutral portion of each block, which measures 11 x 15" when finished.  How many scraps is that really?  Ooh, that depends.

working on my rainbow

Start by emptying your scraps onto your work surface.  Now divide them in 16 piles, based on color.  To help you categorize your scraps by color, use any solids or proxy fabrics that you have on hand to set the standard.  I laid my solids out in the Bottled Rainbows color grid, because it's pretty =). 


Some of my scraps are quite small, down to about 1/2 inch.  You can also use larger scraps, since you can always trim them to the desired size.  And the "desired size" is really up to you, as is the amount of neutral space that you leave between scraps.  I'll show you some examples later on!

bad little scraps

When organizing your scraps, be sure to set aside those that really don't fit.  Some scraps are too "blah".  They have nothing to offer your rainbow.  Others have too many colors, so that they really don't fit in any camp.  I did include scraps that have more than one color, as long as one color stood out as primary. Neutral scraps (black, white, brown) don't qualify, sorry.  Some multi-color scraps can be trimmed down so that they fit a particular color grouping.  Trim and separate!

To estimate if you have enough scraps of any one color, you can iron them flat and arrange them on a 11 x 15" space.  See if they fill that space with a distance between scraps that is desirable to you.

Help, I don't have Scraps! 

Now, I realize that some of us don't have enough scraps for this project.  And some of you have like, NONE (which is quite mind boggling).  Have no fear!  I have two ideas for you, my friends.

A.  Scrap Swap!  I do believe a scrappy swap market is in order.  I will facilitate this through the Stitched in Color Flickr group.  Please join the group if you're interested in buying/selling/swapping scraps for this project.  I'll be posting later this week on how this will work. For starters, you'll want to see what colors you need and what colors you may have in excess for selling or trading.

B.  Go shopping!  Can you buy scraps? Oh yes.  In fact, my very sweet sponsor, Sew Love Fabrics sells scraps in large pieces (Nice Studio Scraps) and in smaller pieces (Scrappy Studio Scraps). The Scrappy Studio Scraps are definitely big enough for this project, and they're a great deal.  It looks like she may need to create a new listing for them at the moment, so just contact her if you're interested in buying some!  You can ask Ruth to try to include the colors you most need, and she'll do her best!

Phew! That's a lot of info.  Before I bid you adieu, here are a few more odds and ends you'll need to get started making ticker tape blocks:

  • Glue stick
  • Neutral thread
  • Rotary cutter and mat would be nice
We'll talk supplies for finishing, such as border, batting, backing, etc. as this project moves along. Remember, we're just making one block a week, so you have plenty of time to decide on finishing details.

Alright, start working with your rainbow!


  1. Oh, I'm so excited about this. I'm still not sure if I'm going to join in or just watch and learn, but if a pack of fat quarters for the solids really does become available, I just might be convinced to give it a try! :)

  2. I Can't WAIT!!! I am so in - how long do I have to get my stuff together?? I don't have very many solids - so I'd be one to buy a bundle - should I be separating scraps prior to getting those??

  3. I guess I'm confused. What will happen with this rainbow of scraps?

  4. Fun, fun, fun! I'm excited to see if you can get someone to sell a custom bundle. That would definitely be the easiest route, if you don't you can buy kona by the fat quarter on etsy at simply solid fabric. I always order from them because they seem to have most colors in stock & they can set up a custom order for you in about 4 minutes.

  5. Thanks Rachel! This is going to be so fun! All of my scraps are shoved into a big bin, so I really don't know what I have. I'm looking forward to finding out!

    And thanks for organizing the FQ pack of kona solids. That would be very helpful!

  6. Amy - Aaah, that is where an example would come in handy! We are going to applique the scraps on the neutral via the ticker tape style. I will be stitching up an example this week!

    The first block of the quilt-along is scheduled to be made the first week of March. But, we're just making one block per week, so you could definitely catch up if you find yourself without materials. I would suggest that you do divide your scraps at this point, if only to determine which color you have plenty of and would like to make first!

  7. I love all the tips. Can not wait to start. Getting my scraps organized.

  8. I'm lacking solids! See if you can set up a bundle on Whipstitch, I have a Groupon there, he he! :) I just finished organizing my scrap pile a few days ago so hopefully the color-finding thing will go smoothly (I organize my scraps by color anyway). Yay! I really don't need another project, but I do love rainbows!

  9. oh my, you've totally hooked me with this rainbow-along. I've already started sorting!

  10. thinking about which colors to use...hmm... decisions decisions. I think that I'll probably be shorter on the variety of purple scraps. But we'll see. I always have more than I think I do.

  11. I've decided not to start any new quilts for awhile, but this one looks so pretty I'm tempted to break my vow...can't wait to see how it turns out!

  12. Hi Rachel! I keep looking at your post and thinking about how much I'd love to make this quilt, even though I think I have too many projects in the works already. I just love new projects, especially those that incorporate a rainbow spectrum! Plus, I've been wanting to try a ticker tape quilt. So, I think my compromise is that I may try making this as a mini-quilt! I'm excited to organize all my solids and scraps soon!

  13. I can't wait to see an example! I better get busy ordering solids if I am going to join in -- I am not a solid girl!

  14. Yay! Very excited to get started. A bundle of those solids for be oh so easy. I'll be checking back for details on that. Thanks!

  15. Could we use regular quarter-yard cuts for the solids? I just know I'm more likely to be able to get them from my LQS (supporting the local economy!) if I can get them that way.
    I'm looking forward to this! Thanks! :)

  16. Hi! This looks like so much fun! My one question is this, from the little research I have done, it seems that most ticker tape quilts are assembled, batting and binding, and then in essence when you add the scraps you are quilting it at the same time by stitching on the scraps. Is this the method you are using or are you just going to piece each one, and then quilt it later? Just curious! Thanks so much!

  17. I'm excited to be joining in. I just ordered my Kona solids.

  18. I'm in... have ordered my Kona solids and can't wait til they arrive! What fun... thanks for letting me know about this quilt along, Mariliz!

  19. I love the look of linen too, but with space around each small scrap, I agree, it might dull the brights.

  20. I love this! I just found this today and am so ready to get started! :)
    I have one question though before I order all my fabric, it seems like you said you were going to add the 5" border around it to make it a little bigger. What color are you going to use? I was thinking of buying the Kona Bone, but I wanted to see if you have a better suggestion, or what you are planning on. Thanks so much! Also, do you have an idea of what your are going to use for your binding? I'm so excited! :)

  21. Welcome! So glad you're joining in. Well... I haven't chosen a color for the border or the binding. Since I won't be finishing this quilt until late June, I'm going to just think it over. I wouldn't be surprised if I choose a solid neutral for the border (linen?) and then a colorful stripe or something for the binding. But, who knows! Maybe a pieced rainbow border?

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


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