Saturday, January 29, 2011

simple stitches

Oh, I'm in heaven! This morning our angel of a cat, Pompeii, watched the kids for me.

simply the best cat ever.

So, I got to spend my time here

simple pleasures

making this

Keep it Simple {for my SUTK partner}

for my Spicing up the Kitchen swap partner.  Now I just need to find a tutorial or some tips on how to finish off the back.  The extra fabric is just tucked behind for the picture.  Oooooh, this weekend is off to a great start!

simple love

Just keepin it simple.  Wishing you a lovely weekend!


  1. now that is a tolerant cat! LOL. I'm longing for the days when Caitlyn and Tabitha have that type of relationship. It's not there yet. ;)

    Gorgeous hoop of course! So productive!

  2. Love your cute Keep it simple design!

  3. Cute hoop! Check out this tutorial for some finishing ideas.

  4. Cute hoop! If you haven't found a way to finish the back, drop me a line - I can tell you a way to put paper on the back that looks very professional!

  5. Your kitty is tolerant and adorable! I'm glad she helped watch the kiddos so you could have some crafting time. :)

  6. I LOVE your hoop. HOpe I'm not too late, but check out this tutorial for finishing the back:

  7. aww, your cat looks like a big ol sweetie, Rachel! I love what you're coming up with for the kitchen swap! So cute, and applicable to cooking!


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