Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shiny Thoughts Welcome

new yarn!

First of all, these are my new playthings: shrimp pink (7804),  gelato yellow (2439),  burnt orange (9465B) and orange sherbet (7825) in Cascade 220.  I'm so glad that I caved and ordered these because they're actually pairing nicely with some of the colors I was having trouble using, specifically a kelly green and royal blue.  It was a relief to see that the kelly green and royal blue weren't "bad" colors, they just needed brighter friends.

a happy place

So, here and there I've been catching a moment to make more sun squares.  I had to get a bigger yarn basket!  And my armchair pin cushion is doubling as a crochet notion holder as well.  This corner is such a happy place to be!

wishing for a design wall!

I've been trying to make each sun square different than the others, so I've found a side table to keep them on for now.  If I had a design wall, it would definitely be full of crochet!  What do you think of the look so far?  The colors all together like this echo my Good Folks Colorbrick quilt, actually.

So, I'm trying to decide if I really love this mish-mash of color for it's scrappy goodness, or if I would like to use more intention in my color choices.  When I started working with the new bright yarns, I realized that I could divide my squares into two groups.  Roughly...

sun squares darker

Darker sun squares, with deep color. And...

sun squares brighter

Brighter sun squares, with more lively color.  If I go this route, I would be more thoughtful in creating future sun squares that fit "squarely" in either camp.  And, I really, really haven't been able to choose.

Part of the problem is that I also can't decide if I'm going to make these into a pillow cover and a blanket, or just go straight for the blanket.  I think a sun squares pillow would be just stunning and would be such a fun addition of texture to my couch.  So much personality, you know!  On the other hand, I wonder if the yarn would get worn-out from being rubbed against as a pillow?  I'd hate to put so much time and money into something only to have it get yucky looking in a year's time. If I was doing a pillow, I'd opt for a focused color palette (probably the darker one for my living room) and save the rest of the sun squares for a blanket someday.

On the blanket side of the question, I've been dreaming of merging the sun squares with a quilt, perhaps by making rows of crochet (backed with fabric) and injecting rows of fabric too.  It would be fun to make something different, something more "mine", but I wonder if I would like a simple all-crochet afgan better.  They are what inspired me to make sun squares at all, after all.

But then, I really don't need another blanket.  What do you all do with so many quilts anyways? I only need one!

So, sorry to be wondering aloud.  I know that I just need to decide already!  It's just you all are my friends and if you were in my house (and you kind of are) I would be talking your ear off just like this hoping for you to give me some shiny new thought that would help me make up my mind! 

Ok, I think I'm done rambling now.  Shiny thoughts welcome! 

P.S.  If you want, you can find the sun squares tutorial I'm using here.  And, if you're new to crochet, I recommend learning from Youtube or from my favorite crochet book How to Crochet by Pauline Turner.  It's really worth owning - filled to the brim with techniques and stitches that would wow an advanced crocheter.  But also has clear pictures and text for learning crochet basics.


  1. Today you sound so much like me. Indecisive but excited. Too many options! I don't think the 220 will get too matted or pilly if you make a pillow to begin with. I have a little bag I made for myself that I keep in my purse filled with medicine and whatnot and it gets rubbed around plenty and I haven't seen much wear and tear over the last 2 years. So, I wouldn't worry about a pillow getting too much love on the couch if you want to go that route. On the question of color: I immediately lean toward the brighter shades but that's a personal preference. If you aren't feeling the mix, put it down for a couple days and step away. Come back to it fresh and go with your gut! All in all, though, it's simply stunning!

  2. Dang, now that I go back and look at the photos, I really love the darker set as well! Now I'm torn, too! :)

  3. I'm so glad you've had good experience with Cascade holding up. I really want the pillow more than the blanket!

  4. Do you have any specific youtube videos you like? I have searched around a little bit, but haven't actually sat down with a hook and yarn yet. Also, love the blog! I am newer to Columbus & appreciate the local inspiration! ;)

  5. My vote is for dark blanket. If you don't really need it, at least the kids can take it to sleepovers or something after the newness wears off. It's so pretty and you've done this much already, AND have the yarn...I say go for it! Of course, that is, unless you'd rather make a pillow. ;)

  6. I've also had good experience with 220. They call it a "workhorse" yarn for a reason, so I say go for both the pillow and the blanket! If it were me, I'd probably keep the number of dark vs. light squares about even, and then alternate, or make some sort of pattern (maybe outer square - dark, next square in -light). Keep up the crochet!

  7. Sam, I don't know of any particular YouTube videos, but they've got to be out there. But, really, that book I linked is a great learning resource.

    Jacey, Interesting idea on the blanket composition. Thanks!

  8. Your sun squares are beautiful, and I would go for scrappy and an afghan. Afghans have a whole different feel from quilts, and can be mixed with them easily - imagine your sun squares afghan tossed across a bed dressed with that lovely colorbricks quilt that currently resides on the back of your sofa!

  9. i love that you added the brighter, warmer colors! in my opinion, they look just perfect with the darker squares and i think they'd all be just lovely in a big ol' scrappy afghan. with a matching pillow, of course.

  10. Thanks for sharing the sun square pattern, i've been huntingaround for one but with no luck. We had crocheted blankets and cushions everywhere when i was younger and they do get a little worn but i think that adds to the charm, it would take a good few years though. I like your armchair pincushion too, i soo need one.

  11. Your sun aquares are wonderful. I keep promising myself that I'll learn how to crochet. I think they will look gorgeous if you decide to make a pillow.

  12. These are gorgeous. I like the idea of throwing them all together to make a rug. Around my house, rugs are used all the time to cover chilly bodies on the couches, and do get a bit worn out with time. So a new one would always be a good idea.
    I too sometimes wonder what quilters do with all their quilts! Once you've done each bed in the house, do you give them away? Have ones for different seasons?
    I haven't quilted yet but it does seem like a good way of using up small precious scraps of fabric. It also seems like a good excuse to buy more fabric goodness!

  13. i love how this collection is coming out! so full of wonderful color!

  14. I love the way it is looking so far! I think you should make something like this --
    What do you think?

    And, I got your email on the the pillow party -- I meant to link up to it and then forgot. Will do next time, I really want to be a part of it. I'm working on something I hope to add right now. Please delete the other pillows if you haven't yet! Thanks!!


  15. That lamp caught my eye today too! But, Brandon would DIE if I suggested it. He's so, so picky about our decor.

  16. I think a few or four together that have an alternate background from the white would add somewhere for the eye to travel across the quilt. Just a thought.

  17. They all look great! I too am drawn to the brighter ones first, but I think they would look great mixed with the darker ones! Would add a lot of depth and interest! :)

    Either way it's a win though!

  18. Ooooh, that blanket will be lovely either way! I just finished one made with the dreaded acrylic stashed yarn that I had sitting in a bin and it came out surprisingly pretty! I am determined (determined I tell you!)to use up all my acrylic crap AND make it look pretty before I start buying up the good stuff.


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