Friday, January 28, 2011

my Sunburst Garland

Uh-oh, looks like I'm sitting on the naughty stool, cause I said I'd list ten favorite pillows, and I only listed nine.  It's true - I confess!  But, you know, the darn mosaic-maker won't allow for ten.  If I had listed a 10th pillow, it most surely should have been Junebug's rainbow pillow, by popular vote.  Apologies all around!  Next time it'll be 9 and the rules have been duly updated.

{Stepping off the stool now and promising to be good}

Guess what? I have something to show you!

Last night it came to me that I CLEARLY do not want to combine my bright and not-bright sunburst squares.  I haven't touched the yarn since that post last week, when I invited your shiny thoughts on my dilemma.  And, then - poof - the decision appeared in my mind with mysterious clarity.  I love how giving myself some space will do that sometimes.  Doesn't that happen for you?

So, yes, I decided to separate the sunburst squares, and AND I also decided that what I really, really wanted was to make something with them now.  And, so, a garland. 

Sunburst Garland

I do like!  These are the brighter squares and they are so happy, are they not?  The bright springy colors are just the thing to battle the winter gloomies.  I know that it has been said around blogdom, "I can't wait for spring" and "I'm so ready for spring", but you haven't heard that here.  Not-uh.

Today I realized that's because I'm subconsciously associating spring with the duty to plant another vegetable garden.  Gardening seems to equal less crafting.  Tis a dreadful concept.  Quick, let's move on.

bright & happy

To connect the sunburst squares I simply crocheted a long series of chain stitch for starters, then single crocheted or slip stitched along the tops (slip stitches helped keep things square-ish) and used 6 chain stitches between each sunsquare. There happens to be a nail in the brick above our fireplace from some time long ago, so I fastened my garland as fate would have it and called it a day.

Happy Friday!


  1. i love it, rachel! so cute!

    not anxious to start gardening here either. in fact, i am thinking of just a few tomato plants and calling it good. don't want all of that work!

  2. Super cute! I was pondering what you could do with those for several days, but the best I came up with was a rectangular pillow (the same dimensions as laid out on the credenza) or stitching them into your sheer drapes, sort of like your shower curtain. But I think this definitely suits!

  3. It's looks Gorgeous. I'm attempting to make a heart one myself.

  4. Yes, I'm trying to talk myself "down" this year. I'm thinking 4 tomato plants, bulbing onions, green onions, and pumpkins (because I have sooooo much room, and that'll make me feel like I'm doing more!).

  5. Just the thing to look cozy and colourful at the same time..I'm definitely going to be making one or some of these next winter!

  6. I was going to suggest a garland along with the lamp shade, thinking you could use them temporarily as a garland until you decided otherwise, but just loved that lamp shade so much. But now I love this garland even more!!! I haven't learned to crochet yet, except for what's needed to finish off my knitted items. After seeing everything crochet on AMH's blog and now this, I really must -- maybe I can find a youtube video?

  7. Very cute, my dear! And I usually agree about the garden work, but I'm itching to get started this year. Last year I was big and pregnant, and then I had a newborn, so I spent zero time on it. I'm ready to make up for it this year!

    Oh, and about blog reading- It was too much of a time commitment for me too, so I ended up narrowIng my reader down to 50 or so of my absolute favorites, ones that I am happy to read every day. Much more enjoyable now!

  8. I've noticed that it can take me an hour to read through all my blogs each day. I'm thinking that's probably a bit excessive...

    Thanks for your comments about the garland!


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