Thursday, January 6, 2011

just Peachy

Friends, I have had my thinking cap on all. day. long.  I think I've about had it on the brain stuff.  So let's see if I can catch you up like this.

* I'm facing one of life's fork in the roads, because it's looking like my current business (here and here) is going to see its last year in 2011.
* So, my goal for this year is to see what can be done to make Stitched in Color my new job.
* Because, really, I want to stay home and homeschool my littles.
* And I think stitching can be that flexible.  I'm praying anyway.
* In spite of a bit of sadness, I find this fork rather exciting.
* At least in January.
* My husband does not.
* I've considered taking up the whole making stuff gig. You know, stocking an Etsy store, landing the craft shows, marketing, sell, make, make, make.
* It sounds exhausting.
* So, I think I'm going to try the publishing route. Like books? Magazines? Patterns?
* Starting with the magazines, apparently.
* Are you laughing yet?
* Yeah, me neither.
* Problem with publishing is that you can't share stuff on your blog until LATER.
* DRAT!!!!!
* And blogging is totally the best, most funnest thing ever, so I'm not going anywhere.
* There, now that it's all settled, I'm going to go finish that minkee rag blanket.
* So I'll have something to show you tomorrow.
* For today, I'll leave you with this link to the most "peachy perfect" of blogs.  Dottie Angel, whose fairytale is well-nigh believable and so completely worth following, inspires me today.


  1. I was laughing, even if you weren't. :-) Those are definitely some choices, my dear. Just take it one day at a time. I'm a firm believer in "every 'thing' for a reason." You'll do amazing whatever your choice is!

  2. Forks in the road are scary, but exciting, too! You have a fabulous talent, and are a great teacher - so it will all come together somehow. Pray, plan, listen to good advice!!

  3. This all sounds very exciting! Will you hire me as your intern? :)

  4. I think you can do it! I enjoy reading along and sharing in your projects. I do think publishing would be kinder to you than an etsy store, though I believe you could make that work if you needed to do so. Go for it!!!

  5. omg publishing is SO your thing. I believe you can do it. I honestly really do. :)

  6. Best of luck to you... I just found your blog in the last couple of days & love it. I'm trying to find a way to be home with my littles. I hope you can find a way to stay home with yours!

  7. I just stumbled across you and your beautiful work (via Noodlehead) and I just have to say...WOWZA! Looking forward to reading more, you are very inspiring. Cheers to you and yours!

  8. Rachel, you can do this. I'm sorry to hear your business is coming to an end, but I'm glad to hear you're trying to look on the bright side. Your blog is so readable, I think you could totally rock the quilting publishing world. I also think you could do an awesome job going the Etsy route, too. I'll definitely support you whichever fork in the road you choose to follow!!! Good luck!

  9. girl, you kill me... i've been lurking on you for some times now- and i really LOVE your innovations. will be sure to check your business out as i have a bambino here. best of luck to you and i hope you will continue to overflow the internet with your ideas. -m

  10. i think this is wonderful! you go for it! your blog is lovely and i imagine that over the year as you expand your dreams, you will be making progress on your goals.

    i have something i am working on too. it's an online sewing class. it has taken SO MUCH TIME to put together, but i do hope that it's a fun way for people to learn to sew or up their sewing skills. hopefully i can reveal in about one month. :)

    looking forward to 2011's dreams with you!

  11. hmm, tough decisions.
    do you know anything about designing and printing fabrics? you could make your own fabrics and sell them!
    Or you could take orders and make things. It might sound exhausting, but keep it limited to a certain number of projects at a time. I think an etsy store would be fun and I would most likely buy things from you!

  12. You seem to have so much energy-- and seeing all that you've done just in the past year, I have no doubt you can tackle whatever you set out to do. Good luck!

  13. If I could buy all of your quilts, I would!! To make it simple...
    -I really like your pillows. Especially the one with the purple stitched trees.
    -I also really like your coasters. Especially the ones with the trees.
    -And this might seem weird, but I probably would by blocks and then make a quilt using that design/color.

  14. Homeschooling? I say you go girl. I have been homeschooling for many years, the oldest is doing high school, and I think it is very rewarding. Keep juggling it all and be patient - somehow it will all work out. Carolina

  15. Hello. Just wanted you to know I am in the exact same spot. My business will be closing by the end of February, jobs are very scarce here in Portugal and I can't imagine doing the boring desk job I studied for. I've been reading about finding your life meaning and that you should do for a living what you woudl do for free and what brings you joy, so I pretty much got to the same conclusion as you. Unfortunately, I have less resources here in Portugal than you have over there, publishing is out of the question, there is no market for it, so I was thinking of stocking Etsy and working like a mad woman, trying to create my place in the craft world and hope people will like me. I guess we shall see what happens I wish you the very best! It will work out either way.

  16. Oh, and yes, it is both scary and exciting, I am always scared of the unknown, on the other hand, the world is your oyster, you can do whatever you want. For me, it kind of depends on the day. Some days I panic, other says, I believe. Hopefully as I progress, I will believe in my self worth even more :)

  17. Seriously go for it! Your tutorials are so clear and easy to follow! You can do it!! :)

  18. Oh this is wonderful news! I will be thinking and praying for you! It will work! It will work! It will work! Do I sound like The Little Engine That COuld? wow. :) Happy New Year!

  19. Forks can be extremely mentally exhausting. I truly wish you the best & know many have and are going through them with you. It's nice to know you're not alone when times are stressful. Have a muffin, sew something fabulous, and know we love reading about your creations...

    Thinking of you...


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