Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thank-you all so, soo much for your kind words about yesterday's post!  It sounds like it is a topic on many of our minds.  I'm glad it struck a cord.  Would you like to see some sewing now?

Along the road, my swap project turned into an improv project.  And then, my improv project took on a water theme.  So, naturally, my quilting followed suit and there it is.

Wavy quilting

I just hope my partner doesn't mind.  Sometimes fabrics are bossy, and that was the case here.  They really insisted and with all this aqua blue and seaweed green, who was I to argue?  Do you like it partner?

hello Kid's craft table =)

Now the details.  (and, I'm shooting this on my kid's craft table, FYI)

improv blocks three

I completed all three improv blocks over the weekend.  It was challenging to force them to finish approximately the same size.  I suppose that makes sense, but it took me by surprise since this was my first time.  In the end, blocks #2 and #3 couldn't help but be a few inches longer than block #1.  Soooo, I eventually got the snazzy idea of putting the big blocks on the back and making this table runner reversible.

hope you like it, partner!

My favorite side features that first improv block and a big sea of natural linen.  The other side has the two larger blocks, set just a bit askew in the linen sashing for fun.

the "back" side.

My solids were Kona bahama blue, peridot and cactus.  The Michael Miller ta dots were from my stash (available here and here), as was the Nicey Jane Lindey Leaf in green that I used to bind things up.  A thanks to Katie for the OOP Heather Ross scraps that I won in a giveaway a few months ago.  They came in quite handy!

1 Table Runner - it's a start.

Well, this little runner is a nice start for Spicing up the Kitchen.  I promise to get to those hoops soon, but for now I'm itching to start a new quilt.  It's been since November that I've started one.  I can hardly believe it - it seems like much longer!


  1. These blocks are so cute. I love the way you did the reversible table runner. Great solution!

  2. This runner is so cute! I love the little quilted waves!

  3. I LOVE this! I'm certain I'm not your partner (I didn't say "hoops"), but I'm so wishing I were. Your partner is a lucky lass/lad. =)

  4. Sometimes you just can't fight the feeling! And in this case it certainly worked perfect! I wish I was in that swap receiving it! Very nice Rachel!

  5. i hope you are my partner! the runner looks perfect. great fabric choices!

  6. The quilting is absolutely perfect!

  7. BaileyGirl - Well, it's FAR from perfect, but I know what you mean (wink).

  8. Nah, I'm going to say the quilting is pretty perfect! Love the color palette.

    P.S. "Askew" is one of my all-time favorite words :)

  9. I'm not your partner, but I wish I was! This is beautiful, love the colours, the quilting, the piecing... yum!

  10. Katie,

    When I was writing that yesterday, I originally typed "asque". Wouldn't it be fun spelled that way? Then my spell checker caught it and I thought to myself, "I know that's a real word..." Took me a minute to remember how to spell it =)

  11. Pretty! I love the cool blues and greens.

  12. Hi Rachel! I just love this table runner-- the colors, the layout, the quilting-- all fit together so well! Great choices.

  13. I love the wave quilting! It gives great effect.

  14. so pretty! you have a very lucky partner! :)


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