Thursday, January 20, 2011

absolutely worth it.

X-String Bee Blocks

Last night I made this set of blocks for the Faith circle of do. Good Stitches.  As I stitched away, cutting, measuring, pressing, etc. a flock of thoughts passed through my mind.  I'll have to admit that navy/blue/red/yellow is really, really not my color scheme.  And, in retrospect, I don't think I was in the mood for a piecy, traditional block.  But beyond those small gripes, I was thinking about how truly amazing it is that women from around the world are working together this month to make a nautical-inspired quilt for a woman battling colon cancer.  I mean, how random is that?  She'll never know us, but when this month's quilter gifts her an intricate quilt handmade for her (not me), I know - I really KNOW - that she's going to feel overwhelmingly loved and encouraged.  And that's worth one night of stitching.  Absolutely.

do. Good Stitches
Quilted by Jeni for the Hope Circle
In case you don't know, do. Good Stitches is a virtual charity quilting bee that I started summer of last year.  There are currently 5 circles, each 10 members strong, with each circle making one quilt each month for various charities local and international.  And, if you're a modern quilter, you can totally get involved!  There is an ongoing wait list that you can join by filling out our New Members Form.  Before you fill that out, please read the details of how this particular bee works.  If you still have questions, just ask!

You + Me
Quilted by Jennifer for the Love Circle
What I love about this bee (beyond that we're helping people!) is that I get to work with friends to create fun, modern quilts, but those quilts aren't going to sit around in a stack in our houses just seeing the light of day every few winters.  No, these babies are going to be USED.  They're going to people who don't already have a handmade quilt.  In many cases they're going to children that don't have much at all.  So, for me, it's all the fun of a quilting bee but with so much purpose.  I love that!

tree quilt
Quilted by Ara Jane for the Love Circle
One member of do. Good Stitches has suggested that I organize a new circle of Australian quilters to make quilts ongoing for those effected by the flood.  I would love to do so, but I've yet to find new Australian volunteers.  If you're local and interested, can you please be in touch?  And, if you know an Aussie blogger who you feel would be a great fit, maybe send her my way? 

completed September "Hope" quilt
Quilted by Krista for the Hope Circle
Now that do. Good Stitches has been running along for awhile, there are a slew of fun collaborative quilts we've made that you can find in our Flickr pool.  I've sprinkled some of my favorites throughout this post. 

Mod Mosaic Bee Blocks

This week I also made this set of improv blocks for the Love circle.  Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! is quilting this month and had us make blocks based on her Mod Mosaic pattern.  This was a fun and liberating experience!  I'm looking forward to trying out some improv blocks again soon for my Spicing Up the Kitchen swap partner.  Happy Sewing to all!


  1. All the quilts are turning out so great.
    I posted on my blog for your Aussie Quilter call.

  2. Those are amazing. What a beautiful variety!

  3. That really is an amazing block! Beautiful work. I am in the Joy group, so we had rainbow blocks this month (not nearly so much piecing!) - it is such a cool concept!

  4. I follow a beautiful Blogger from Australia--Janelle Wind. She would be a great resource for you. I have a link on my blog if you need it. These quilts are amazing and I can only imagine the feeling of warmth they bring to the lives they are gifted to.

  5. Wow these are gorgeous! I had heard a little about do.good but really didn't know what it was all about, so thanks for sharing. It's for a cause that has affected my family so I thank you. I'm signing in for the wait list.

  6. Rachel, I absolutely love what you have done with this charity quilting bee idea. I would love to help but have a rapidly growing quilt ministry of my own going on that consumes most of my time - but please know that if I could clone myself, I'd be right there with you! Keep up the good work!!

  7. I really would love to join this group someday! It's often in the back of my mind. It is such a wonderful thing you are all doing!

  8. These are all so pretty!! I'm so glad I get to be part of the group.

  9. I looove the blue color scheme pictured at top! Also, I have a very dear friend who is living in Australia, so I am going to pass your blog along to her today!

  10. i love what you have created with do.good stitches. what a wonderful idea! i would love to join the group one day. i'm not nearly talented enough right now, nor do i have money/fabric in stock. : ( one day, though.

  11. You really made navy, red, and white look great!

  12. Thank you for all the hard work you put into running and creating this group! I have really enjoyed participating and am excited to be gearing up for another round! :)

  13. I'm so glad I'm part of the Hope circle! It's great to not only be crafting for myself, but for a higher purpose as well.

  14. Hi Rachel, I'm Australian and a quilter - just started blogging at I belong to Quilt for Queensland on Facebook and made two quilts which have been sent over. I started Quilt Club Australia on Facebook as there were a few of us Quilt for Queenslanders who wanted to keep sharing our quilting stories locally. Let me know if I can help out with an Australian chapter of do.good stitches.
    PS I love your blog and the quilted rainbows is on my list!


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