Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanks, Peeps!

Can I just say that I'm overwhelmed and so encouraged by all of your comments on my Imperfection.  Lighthearted, helpful, sweet, empathetic - you all rock!  I'm gonna try a few things to fix that bleed on the Christmas tree skirt. Thanks for the ideas!

But let's get down to business.  The winner of the $25.00 gift certificate to Modern Organic Fabrics is..... Kathryn of "elkquilts".  Lucky duck.  Enjoy this early Christmas treat!

Bookmarks on Kraft Paper Fabric

Oh, and here's something I'm working on.  I'm doing some embroidery on kraft paper fabric.  My daughter's drawing of "Grandpa" will become a bookmark a la Soule Mama.  For practice, I made that little Orla Kiely-inspired motif.  Working with this thick paper fabric is difficult, but worth it. I'm using a thimble for the first time.  Mine's an old metal one.  I can see why leather would be so much nicer!


  1. I LOVE the Orla Kiely inspired one. That's one of my favorite prints EVER!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I would love to read an embroidery post from you, I'm so curious which stitch do you use! Beside few unfortunate mistakes (I feel so sorry for the Aria's quilt, I know how much love you put into it) your work looks just amazing for the most part!

  3. I love your embroidery on paper, what a great idea! And I just read your previous post asking for advice and saw all the wonderful responses, how great is that? You can also look for great quilting and sewing tips over at :-)

  4. Uh oh spaghettios! Sorry, I forgot to tell you... Poke holes with a straight pin before you stitch along the drawn lines! It will make everything much easier and save your fingers. :-)

    Very cute idea for the book mark!!

  5. We've got a couple of these in the works as well! :)


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