Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Teensy Tiny Patchwork

Ok, I'm ready to show you some teensy tiny patchwork!

Mossy Greens & Sky Blues

I've been cutting this stack of mossy greens and sky blues...

a stream of Tiny Patchwork

into 1 1/2 inch strips. Then sewing those strips into stacks of six. And cutting those stacks to make a loooooooong row of pieced strips.

all these pretty seams

The finished squares are 1" square. And, oh my goodness, can you believe these pressed open seams? When is the back of patchwork that pretty?

Tiny Patchwork work-in-progress

The piecing is done, which means it's time to wrangle a long length of linen to make up the rest of this shower curtain.

Fabrics include 4 shot cottons, Hop Dot in Olive, Henna Garden in Leaf, Herringbone from Modern Meadow, Valori Wells' Nest Berries, and a couple of Freebird Ovals - all prints happily sourced from my fabric stash.  Hurray for stashing!

also, I promised Brandon that I'd ask you for a vacation recommendation...  Our 10th anniversary is this March and we're trying to plan a long weekend stay somewhere nearbye (South Carolina, Georgia or North Carolina).  I totally hate planning these things.  Ugggh.  I mean, I don't know where I want to go (besides New York)!  So, if you happen to know of a nice bed & breakfast or cool hotel in a town with something nice to do (and preferably, a modern fabric shop!), please do let me know.  Unfortunately, he already ruled out Atlanta (which has fabric shops!), because it's too metro.  So, something a little bit more romantic?  I DON'T KNOW!


  1. Wow - I hope you will share your shower curtain when it is finished.

    As far as your anniversary, have you considered Asheville, NC? It has quite a lot of artisian type stuff, at least one quilt shop, plus the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's a beautiful area and not quite as metro as Atlanta

  2. Oh my gosh! That is alot of patchwork! I do love your gorgeous seams:)

  3. I love that teensy patchwork! So much patience. I did a block like this for a challenge in our quild, it was fun, but took forever because I did it square by square, no strip piecing. I must try it that way.

    I live in CT, so don't know a ton about South Carolina area, although I have heard Charleston is very charming. Congrats on the anniversay!

  4. Wow! I love the colors!!! I want to make a postage stamp quilt, but it seems like so much work :) What a great idea for a shower curtain. Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

  5. So pretty. Wish I were that ambitious for a shower curtain! :)

    Our favorite place on the East Coast is the Outer Banks. When we have gone, we've stayed at a family friend's home on Cape Hatteras. Not a lot to do . . . but maybe that's OK if your hubby is looking for romantic. :)

  6. I second the recommendation for Asheville. It's a great little town in the mountains of Western NC, but also with a nice hippie/local/funky feel. There are some great arts/crafts stores and restaurants, as well as lots of bed&breakfasts.

    Have fun!

  7. a m a z i n g patchwork!!!

    lOVE those colors!!


  8. Squeee! I love the tiny patchwork!!!

    I don't know if it's up your alley, but my hometown, Ocracoke Island NC, is a huge vacation spot. Unspoiled beaches (National Seashore) and a "quaint" village of 900 souls, 23 miles off the NC coast... It's really picturesque and romantic, and though we certainly don't have a fabric shop, though the local quilters meet Saturday afternoons year-round...

  9. love that tiny patchwork, so much! and this sounds really weird but I saw on tv this island of off GA called tybee island, looked like fun!

  10. I love Asheville too! Savannah is also beautiful and would probably have nice weather in March.

  11. Yay, you have some ideas! I'm going to go google some of these places. Oh, and we went to Asheville last year (when, tragically, I had no desire for a fabric store), plus it was so cold. Why did we get married in winter!?!?

  12. Congrats on 10 years, Rachel! My recommendation would be Savannah, GA - that's where I spent my honeymoon, and Tybee Island is just off of Savannah, so you can get to both! My honeymoon was at the end of March and the weather was beautiful. I wasn't sewing back then, so I'm not sure about any fabric stores there, but the food is fantastic and there's some awesome B&B's there - we stayed at the Gastonian, which was wonderful. :)

  13. I love your little postage stamp strip!! Congrats you made it to the first big milestone! My recommendations would be Ashville, or Savannah.

  14. Gah! I love tiny patchwork! The colors you used are so calming, really lovely! :)

    I second Savannah! Lots to see and do, definitely a romantic city!

  15. I love tiny piecing and you have such great colors going on!

    If you like architecture, art, history, and romance I highly recommend Charleston. We stayed in the historic part and just walked everywhere. Amazing restaurants too. I've been with my best friend and with my husband and it was wonderful both times. I wasn't into sewing then either and don't know about fabric stores. Oh, and the guys usually like checking out the aircraft carrier and submarine that's within a quick drive if you are there long enough. I've stayed in a b&b and hotels and both were good experiences.

    I'm sure you'll have a good time wherever you decide to go :)

  16. Nice postage stamp colors! And congrats!

  17. That teeny patchwork is amazing, especially in those soft tones - it will make a beautiful curtain.

    For the trip, enjoy, wherever you go. Savannah and Charlston are both lovely, at least my visits there were.

  18. pretty pretty!

    I'd say Savannah or Charleston. I've not been to Savannah but have friends who love it. Been to Charleston and loved it!

    happy anniversary!

  19. There's an adorable fabric shop in Savannah, called fabrika. They are downtown, are online, and also have some vintage notions. It is my favorite detour en route to st. Simons island, ga.

  20. I love Blue Ridge, GA - in North GA. No idea about fabric shops but there are lot's of other little shops to poke around in. It is a really fun little town.


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