Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stashing Garden Party & Shot Cotton

Good morning, fabric!

Imagine waking to find that your dining room conspired to create this unintentional scene. I glanced across the table at 4 newly arrived fat quarters basking in the morning sun in a serendipity of harmonious color company. Good morning indeed!

Shot Cottons

From left to right we have: Sprout, Pea Soup, Aqua & Duck Egg all in Shot Cotton by Kaffe Fassett. These beauties were purchased for a bathroom-tile inspired shower curtain (which surely won't see cutting until the new year). They're my first shot cottons and from Glorious Color, who stocks a large selection.

As nice as they are, my heart really thrills for this stashing:

Stashing Garden Party!

Beautiful fabric, how I love thee.  The creative possibilities!  I indulged in half to full yard cuts of these warm, saturated prints, mostly from Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party collection.  Only the bottom left two fabrics differ - they're Anna's but from Good Folks and Little Folks instead.  If you're hankering to join the party, the absolute best selection of this hard-to-find collection is right here.  Drool.

Aria, Liam and I prewashed these today.  Aria learned to wash laundry this weekend, so she loved the opportunity to run the machines all by herself.  I showed Liam how to trim off the unraveling edges post-wash and then Aria did (some) ironing - all this why I pieced my current project.  Now that's what I call a nice Sunday afternoon!  Hope yours was blessed as well!


  1. I love my garden party! I'm saving it for my new living room pillows. Have you seen the rugs in Anna's shop with the Garden Party print --
    : )

  2. Oh, totally!!! Her rugs are so tempting. But, so far resisting.... Also, we don't really need one. Darn.

  3. I just got my first shot cotton last week -- LOVE IT. I got Driftwood because I was intrigued by the turquoise/pink color combo. Isn't it cool how they seem to shimmer in the light?


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