Sunday, December 26, 2010


Snow in December is really a miracle in South Carolina. Our little miracle arrived on Christmas night!

Outside my window

Today we stayed home, just us. What a cozy day! I was raised in the California foothills, where it never snows, so I still find watching the snow fall outside my window absolutely mesmerizing.


Pompei the Incredibly Patient

Of course, the children had a rip-roaring good time. Even the kitties did.

Gifty Goodness

Meanwhile, I played with some gifty goodness. I'm looking forward to squaring up my bee blocks with a square. That's got to be faster!  And Martha's book is one I've had on my wishlist after borrowing it from the library on more than one occasion.  Did you find any crafty treats under your tree?

Remember how I said that I doubted I'd receive any wished-for yarn?  I was WRONG (which was awesome in this case)!

a new Beginning

Brandon surprised me with a few skeins of Cascade 220.  I plan to build up a lovely assortment of colors so that I can make a sunburst blanket and/or pillow.  I think it's smart to start with a pillow, you know, for a finish that'll cheer me on.  I got started last night with this tutorial.  Just need to run to the yarn store tomorrow to buy the natural yarn that will finish out the square (and a ton more colors!).  I haven't crocheted in so long, but the stitches came back to my hands, almost without my mind participating.  Kind of like riding a bike, really.

Oh, by the way, for all of you who buy "nice" yarn that comes as a twisted skein like Cascade...   Do you actually roll your skeins by hand into a ball?  I mean, that took FOREVER.  Now I realize that knitting/crochet is not a quick craft, and that's totally not the point, but I didn't enjoy the ball-making process, in part because I didn't know if it was necessary/right/normal.  I've always used cheap yarn that comes ready to use - just pull from the center.  I imagine that the relaxed, unballed skein is better for long-term yarn storage and that's why the fancy yarns come this way?  What do you recommend?  I'm wanting to try to use the skeins without balling them and just kind of hope I don't tangle them.  That's crazy, right?  Help!

Ok, off to do some tiny patchwork.  Have a good night!


  1. Hello. Re the yarn and rolling it into a ball-- a lot of local yarn stores will offer to roll it for you using a swift and ball winder gizmo. Or maybe you could ask if you could use theirs when you buy the skeins. If you're only an occasional ball winder, it can be a bit pricy to buy both these tools, but they sure are nice to have and to use. It only takes a minute to wind a ball that way! Have fun with the cascade, that crochet circle is sure a pretty start.

  2. Looks like you got some nice gifty goodness there! And we got that snow here in TN also - a welcome and unusual sight on Christmas - the first time in 17 years that we had a white Christmas!

  3. Oh, I've tried knitting and crocheting—just not my thing—but my mom is a master. No joke. And as far as I know, ball winding is a necessity but what's already been said here is right: you can ask them to do it or use theirs at a good yarn store.

    Also, I have to check my closet . . . but if my leftovers are Cascade 220 I will have to send them your way. They'd look great with that green and blue . . .

  4. So funny! My Mom just made me some fingerless gloves out of a Cascade that I chose. She loved the way it knitted up!


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