Saturday, December 4, 2010

a Pillow for Isabelle

Simple Patchwork

My dear friend Laura is tying up the last corners of her very first quilt this weekend!  Laura & I both have 6-year-old little girls.  My Fairytale Patchwork quilt inspired her own version in Far Far Away II by Heather Ross.  With simple squares and glowing tones of Kona cotton, she created quite a lovely little treasure, don't you think?

piecing pillow

For Isabelle's birthday I whipped up a pillow and pillowcase in child's size.  I had planned to use my Zig Zag Pillowcase Tutorial, but Laura's scrap stash from quilt-making included so many short, narrow strips.  I pieced them together in a staggered row and then trimmed off the edges to create the diagonal edging.

Isabella's Pillowcase

I even found one with a nice selvedge!

Isabella's Quilt & Pillowcase

That's Kona Curry as the body of the pillowcase and scraps of Kona cerise, plum and amber in the edging.

Far Far Away II on Back

With Isabella's favorite print on the back, in case she likes that better!

It's so satisfying sewing for others when you have that little bit of freedom to be creative in the process!  It doesn't hurt when your friend let's you play with her Far Far Away scraps too.  I loved the sturdy feel of this linen/cotton blend.  I bet it'll hold up quite well.  Happy Birthday, Isabelle!


  1. That is a lovely gift. Can I ask how many of the prints in Ross collection were used? It's kind of pricey, so I'm hoping she didn't use every print in every colorway.

  2. Oh, what a happy pillowcase (and quilt)!

  3. so adorable, and the kona colors used really accent the FFA2 perfectly. adore the angled stripes on the edge of the case, it's really eye catching.

  4. Only 4 prints were used: Rapunzel on natural, roses on pink, Sleeping Beauty on eggplant and the moons on natural.


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