Saturday, December 18, 2010

a Movie for you.

So silly.  So clever, so odd and so silly.  I'm talking about Artois the Goat, a rather sweet movie my husband and I absolutely cracked up to last night.  And, it's available free from Hulu.  So, if you enjoy the slightly absurd, hilariously real side of independent films give Artois the Goat a try while you wrap (or make) presents tonight.  I think you'll thank me later.

Disclosure:  this film may be best suited to radical homemakers.  Um, we drink raw milk.


  1. am going to watch it in the next few days...can't wait! am dying to read Radical Homemakers...if it doesn't find its way under my tree, then it will find its way to my mailbox the week after :)

  2. Raw milk....just one more reason we'd get along so well if we were neighbors. ;-)


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