Monday, December 27, 2010

in my dreams.

In my dreams, I could make anything and everything in 2011.  Shall we have a list?

{1} a Noodlehead gathered clutch.  No, TWO Noodlehead clutches.  What is the point in making just one?

Christmas gifts
by Ragged Owl

{2} a quilty duvet cover for our master bedroom.  One that I adore and my husband tolerates (these are dreams, not miracles).

{3} a mini flag banner to spice up our kitchen.

{4} millions of pillow covers for my throw pillow forms.  MuuahahahaHA!
by Anna Maria Horner

{5} new pillows for my mommy's couch (I promised, sides this list is looking pretty selfish).

{6} bike buckets for both of my kiddos.  Oooh, maybe for Easter?

by Noodlehead

{7} a dress.  Yes, I am most definitely dreaming.

{8} a gorgeous, colorful, not-at-all needed crocheted blanket, like this.  Which I've already begun, so yay that.

{9} little jars in jackets.

{10} pet urchin rocks for all my friends.

little urchin crochet covered sea stone tutorial at purl bee
by Resurrection Fern

What?  No quillts?

Nope. In my dreams, that list is surely endless.


  1. lol I love number 2! I think I'd scare myself if I put a list together. So many pretty things and not nearly enough time!

  2. Hi Rachel! I'm a huge fan of your blog and made a Colorbrick quilt for my family as a Christmas present. You can see it here:

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. Thanks, Steph! Your Colorbrick is so elegant. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice list. I made like three of those clutches and they are pretty easy and fun. Oh, except the zipper. ICK.

    I'm purposefully NOT making a list. My dry erase board o' ideas is refreshingly blank right now and it makes me feel kinda nice.

    Yeah, like that will last. :)

  5. Love your list! I am making a list too for things I need to make for MYSELF this next year! Maybe we should do a monthly thing and share it with our readers? :)

  6. You are going to be one busy lady! Can't wait to see any of the dreams that become a reality!

  7. I made a bicycle basket bag/liner for my bike! I even put sparkly star stickers all over my bike. Darn I love my bike. ; ) Great list! And great afghan. Happy 2011 soon!

  8. Such an ambitious list! It will be fun to watch your blog to see what you actually make!!

  9. Ah, Rachel, you are a woman after my own heart. I have soooo many things I want to do. And I love the afghan!! First time I have been tempted to delve into crochet. Think I am going to have to try it. :) Hugs and Love!

  10. Now wait, ya'll this was a list IN MY DREAMS. You can't hold me to this one!

    But, really, it will be fun to see what does get made. You never know...

  11. I also want to make some gathered clutches. They are so cute! And those bike baskets are too adorable for words. I haven't made my crafting goal list for the year yet, but I always enjoy doing so! Happy 2011.

  12. You can do it! I just made a few of the clutches - the zipper ends are tricky! I still haven't totally figured it out, but I've made 3 functional and passable ones :).

    The bike baskets are how I found noodlehead in the first place, and they are so fun to make! All her stuff is, in fact...

    You can do it!

  13. I love making Noodlehead clutches! They make such a great gift! Anna's tutorials are awesome!

    I want to make a punch of pillow covers as well! All the pillows Angela made this season have really gotten me into the pillow mood!

    Can't wait to see what crafty adventures this new year holds! :)

  14. Oh great! Just what I needed! A "recipe" for clutches! :)


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