Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here we go a Stashing

a Stashing

A new stash of goodies has arrived from my sponsor, Sew Fresh Fabrics.  I always imbibe in helpings of Kona cotton, but here are some fun prints as well.  From left to right:  White, Paprika, Sanctuary Glass Tiles in Sherbert, and Ta Dots in Mustard, Candy and Bubblegum.  I can never seem to get enough polka dots.  They're so great for bindings and coordinate in patchwork like nothing else.  So, here's to stocking dots!  We need them, folks.  Next up I'd like to find some simple stripes!

a Stashing

I'm so glad that Sew Fresh Fabrics has also stocked these brilliant orbs from High Society.  The last solid there at the right is Kona berry.  It's a really lovely shade, don't you think?

a Gifting

My friend Chrissy sent me these soft, pretty prints from her newly opened fabric shop.  This is Houndstooth by Freespirit and two Weekends prints by Erin McMorris.  I love the three together.  I wonder what they'll become?

Speaking of that, I've been auditioning fabrics for a Minkee rag quilt I'm making for a pregnant friend.  I've never worked with Minkee before, but it seems like it'll be an easy project.  I can't quite decide though, what project to start next - the rag quilt, a much-need shower curtain or a baby quilt for my best friend from Handmade Beginnings.  Hm, hmm, hmm.

Aria at painting

My indecisiveness may be due to the feeling that Christmas is right around the corner.  Kind of distracting.  Oh, and perhaps the fact that my little ones have been spread out over my sewing our kitchen table is somewhat to blame. 

Liam and glue.

As if I could turn that face away.


  1. Those prints are beautiful! I love fabric. :)

  2. What beautiful fabrics! I think I am especially in love with the "Sanctuary Glass Tiles in Sherbet" but they're all fantastic!!

  3. The fabric is lovely of course but oh MY that adorable little face!!! What a cutie!

  4. Wow.. Beautiful fabric.. Loved it ;)


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