Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stitches for Baby

November is my month to design a quilt for the Faith circle of do. Good Stitches.  The Faith circle is special because the quilts we make are going to people in need in our very own communities.  I worked with my church to find a young mother who is due this January with a baby girl! She lives with her mom, and her family is ministered to with food and such by my church's Acts Metro team. I pray that our quilt will encourage her - as we know, being a mom is hard work at any age.

Yellow & White/Tan

A week ago I realized that my turn was coming soon!  Fortunately, I had just checked out Aimee Ray's "Doodle Stitching:  The Motif Collection" from the library.  What a treasury of cool, modern motifs!  So, of course, I designed the baby quilt around embroidery.  And, I traced my designs on Essex natural linen just in time to embroider my way to the Ovis Hill Farm Festival. Car rides = embroidery, don't you know?

Pinks & Red

I have made/am making one embroidered motif to send to each of the 9 ladies in our circle. Each bee member is tasked with making one block that incorporates my embroidery. The baby quilt will have 9 blocks total, so 3 rows of 3, and a nice size for the floor or stroller.


Some of the embroidery pieces are large and some are small. I was hoping that the variety would make it more interesting, and more modern. Even though I have embroidered farm animals, I am hoping we can still create a fresh, modern baby quilt, especially since the mother is so young.

Sunrise Spectrum Baby Quilt

And, since I can't design a quilt without envisioning the color... Here is the color layout. The idea is for a progression of color from red to white/tan, progressing on the diagonal. I've photographed some fabric in my stash to show the colors I have in mind.  I think I may call it the Sunrise Spectrum baby quilt.  What do you think?

do. Good Stitches Update
In the past few days we've had a LOT of new folks sign up for do. Good Stitches.  Hurray!  We'd easily have 2 new circles ready to launch today, except that most everyone signed up as a stitcher.  Each circle must have 4-5 quilters as those are the folks that take turns designing a quilt and sharing that concept (much as I did here) with the circle.  Everyone in the circle sends the quilter the finished blocks and the quilter does the piecing and finishing work, and then delivers the quilt to the appropriate charity.  You can read more details on our Flickr page.  If you've signed up as a stitcher and would be able to be a quilter, please let me know!  And, if you're interested now go ahead and sign up!


  1. really really adorable. must get my hands on Aimee's new book!

  2. I am one of the signed-up new stitchers, and eventually, I could commit to being a quilter, but I'm still quite a newbie, and don't want to bite off more than I can chew! I'm glad to know there's been such a warm response for your project, though! Your embroidery looks lovely.

  3. Oh those are gorgeous!! I've gotta get that book. This quilt is going to be so lovely!

  4. This is so beautiful! I love the colors. I know it will bring joy to the young mother.

  5. These are beautiful! The colors are perfect, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  6. love that little cow embroidery


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