Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pieces of a Day

a gift

Finished a set of coasters for Grandma - a surprise birthday gift! I was told to make them rose (not coral, not pink) and burgundy.

Grandma's coasters

Grandmothers are sure to appreciate embroidery, right?

Thankful Poems

Aria and Liam rediscovered our Thanksgiving decorations. Somehow I always forget to decorate for Thanksgiving, so it was pretty cool that Aria thought to get stuff out!

Thankful by Liam

These "Thankful" poems are a watercolor resist we made last year. I just love them.

New Fabric!

New fabric! This stash of goodies arrived from Sew Fresh Fabrics! The large birdie print is Nest by Valori Wells. I plan to use it to back the Sunrise Spectrum baby quilt fro do. Good Stitches. Then, that's Kona Amber (an old favorite), Kona ochre (a new favorite!), and two Full Moon prints by Amy Butler that I intend to save for bindings.

a More Joyful Christmas

Also finished a little book by Bill McKibben called "Hundred Dollar Holiday: The Case for a More Joyful Christmas." The dollar amount is unimportant, but the message was powerful. In less than 100 (narrow) pages, Bill has inspired me to reinvent those aspects of Christmas that aren't quite meaningful to our family, in order to carve out a truly restful, peaceful and joyful Christmas season. And it's not all generalities either - I've gained some concrete ideas. What a perfect read this time of year! You should totally see if your library has a copy!!!

Happy Weekend.


  1. oooooooh pretty pretty!! : ) It's all so pretty pretty!!


    ~Monika in Canada

  2. Very pretty Rachel! I'm sure your grandma is gonna love them with the embroidery!

  3. love love the embroidery...just beautiful! must see if I can put my hands on that book...

  4. Well, i just have so many comments on this post! Very cute coasters, i think you got the colors/fabrics just right. Those leaf decorations are really special. It is nice to have those reminders. And last, that book sounds great, I'll have to look it up. :)

  5. Oh my those coasters are SO pretty. What a lovely gift.

  6. The coasters are so adorable; I'm sure your grandmother will love them. I love the new fabrics, and that book sounds very interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.


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