Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hide & Seek Spectrum Quilt from Handmade Beginnings

in our woods

If you're going to buy one sewing book for baby gifts, it really must be Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner.  Really.  REALLY.  I can't say enough for this book.  Chock full of beautiful, beautiful projects, and many of them adaptable for non-baby-related gifts (slippers, pillow, purse, wall decor).  Add to that the spiral hardback design, generous photographs, and copious use of Anna's fabrics, sigh... a big "thanks" to Wiley Publishing for sending me a review copy!

Several mama friends are expecting new babies (lucky ducks).  I'm glad to get to share in the fun by stitching baby gifts.  I totally missed the wave with my kids - didn't sew back then. So, now's my chance!!!   I asked Bethany to look through Handmade Beginnings to see if she liked anything.  I was beside myself when she pointed out the Hide & Seek Spectrum Quilt.  It's one of my very favorite ideas in the book!

for Hide & Seek Spectrum Quilt

Anna's Hide & Seek Spectrum Quilt is very rainbow hued, but Bethany wanted one a little "off".  Mustard yellow was a requirement (I changed out the yellow shown in the above picture for a true mustard) and I knew she'd favor a brown center block over a black one.  So, between solids in my stash and solids added from Sew Fresh Fabrics, here's my materials list for the dark and light solids:

Brown:  Kona sable and Kona wheat or taupe
Yellow:  Kona Curry and Kona Mustard
Orange:  Kona Amber and Freebird Ovals in Melon
Red:  Kona Wine and Kona Pomagranate
Pink:  Kona Cerise and Good Folks Filigree
Purple:  Kona Eggplant and Kona Lupine
Blue:  Kona Surf and Little Folks Diamond Mine
Teal: Kona Emerald and Kona Sage
Green:  Kona Peridot and Good Folks Filigree

Hide & Seek Spectrum Quilt

So, I did sneak in a few (mostly) tonal prints in place of some of the lighter solids.  These were fabrics I had in my stash already and felt would work well.  I think the result is not distracting, but I'm not quite sure if I want to use all solids next time.  What do you think?  Is it fun or distracting?


Yes, there has to be a next time!

Sunlit Cerise

The only thing I will do differently next time, as per the construction, is to cut the fabric, flip-open doors to be wider than the peek-a-boo blocks underneath.  Anna Maria Horner designed the doors and printed blocks to be exactly the same size, which made for fussing sewing when lining up the doors so that they perfectly covered the prints when closed.  Just cutting the doors half an inch larger will make that step easy.  

Rainbow Stitches

Quilting this rainbow was thoroughly enjoyable.  I used up some threads too, which means I get to restash in shiny new Gutermann.

Gift quilts <3

Two happy quilts ready to go to new homes this December!

all these pretty things


  1. LOVE! I think you made a perfect choice by switching the solids for tonal prints. It not only personalizes the quilt, but adds a lot more for baby's eye to wander around. Very pretty Rachel!

  2. It is a wonderful book, also for maternity clothes. Love the quilt you made, what a special gift to give!

  3. Very very nice, Rachel. These are great and I'm sure the recipients will LOVE them!

  4. Beautiful. And yes, I agree the tonal prints add a perfect extra little bit of je ne sais quois.

  5. beautiful quilt, Rachel! I love that book too!


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