Friday, October 22, 2010

Vintage with Pop

This morning, instead of working on my Colorbrick quilt for the post that's supposed to publish today, the kids and I made an apron for Abbey.  It doesn't seem that our purchased gift is going to arrive in time for the birthday party.  Will you forgive my quilt-along tardiness?  I'll post the next step for Colorbrick tomorrow!

I was totally thrilled to win this beautiful bias tape from The Modern Marigold last week.  It's made of vintage sheets in a pastel range of colors that I pretty much never work with.  I love it though and had decided to design a project for it.  An apron was the obvious choice here.

Take 1 ~ A Layer Cake Quilt

Have you seen this quilt by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts?  She paired vintage-inspired Dream On charm squares with bold lime green.  Such a fun, updated look!

Abbey's Apron

With Rita's color scheme in mind, I chose a bold turquoise polka dot for the body of the apron and embellished it with a textured pink pocket for the girliness factor.  And to seal the deal, I stitched a princess on top.  You know, because 6-year-old girls must be darn sure that anything they wear screams "GIRL!"  Aria was a bit stretched by the polka dot print.  "Isn't it turquoise, mama?"  "Yes, it's not blue."  Green flag to proceed.

her pose

When I finished applying the soft vintage trim, she exclaimed "Oh, I really like it!  I didn't know that was how it would look!  I wasn't sure...."  Hurray!  If Aria likes it, I think Abbey will too.

Abbey's Apron on Aria

Are your children such goofballs when you try to take their pictures? Aria loves to pose and chooses the funniest things. She walked into the room with both hands stuffed in that small center pocket, declaring that this was how she wanted to pose for the picture. I really should have snapped that shot!


  1. that bias makes me want to cry it's so pretty! i am dying to buy a layer cake of Dream On!

  2. I want pretty premade bias tape! Cute apron too!

  3. Sweet apron!! And you won the girlie seal of approval!! My granddaughter (nearly 3 now) goes through phases of mugging for the camera alternated with phases of "talk to the hand, I don 't want my picture taken!"


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