Wednesday, October 20, 2010

this Corner of my home

Come right in, sit down and get comfy.... oh, and bring your handwork!

Wine & Plum in Living

I love this little nook of my living room.  Over the year and a bit that I've been sewing, I've been nesting.  It's fun to see the little touches of handmade multiplying, pronouncing layers of love and friendliness and personality into our space.  The only catch I'm finding is that it's pretty much my personality.  Does anyone else have a husband who's starting to feel smothered in all the fabricy goodness?  Ahem.

Alabama Chanin Pincushion

This over the armchair pincushion is straight from Natalie Chanin's first book Alabama Stitch Book (which, OMG, is on sale for $13.00 - wish I hadn't just bought mine!). It's done in the bloomers stencil with reverse applique on jersey fabric - a fabric which rolls when cut rather than fraying like woven quilting cotton. It takes a good bit of time to do all that stitching, but I love the process. Making something so imminently practical and destined to be seen was totally motivating too.

Hurray, let's stitch!

So, my only misgiving is that my version seems to have come out different than Natalie's. I think I got the dimensions off somewhere or maybe it just looks funny on my big ol' couch arm.  But, whatever, I'm only going to say that once and now move on.  I do really love the plum and nude on our wine red couch.  Sisters on the color wheel always make me happy!

I'm excited to use this, but I haven't decided what I'll be hand-stitching next.  What are you working on?


  1. I sew in our living room/dining room so I have to keep my sewing table organized and all of my current WIPs on it (as opposed to spreading out over the counter to the kitchen, the couch, the coffee table and the entry hall table- not that I ever do that....;) so that he doesn't get overwhelmed.

    Right now I'm trying to get a quilt top done that will be a Christmas present for my brother. I haven't done hand work in a long time but I remember it being very soothing.

  2. Wonderful slow stitching project! I LOVE Alabama Chanin designs!

  3. I only hope her second book goes that low in price so one day I can buy it, too!


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