Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stash Buster Patchwork Tablecloth

a Patchwork Tablecloth

Talk about a stash buster!  When I first got it into my head last night to make this tablecloth I waivered at the thought of consuming so much yardage.  But then my very resistance turned into yet another reason to surrender to the party-throwing gaiety - fabric is meant to be USED!  In fact, I was just starting to admit to myself that my fabric cabinet was getting rather fat with the goods.  So, here's to slimming down!

my dishes love this fabric

This Friday we'll be hosting 16 adults, 5 kids and 4 toddlers for dinner.  That many!  And, since we're having soup, tables and real dishes are a must, yes?  And if we're going to have to use plastic fold-up tables, you bet I'm covering them with tablecloths. 

what, it matches the banner?

How bouts a tablecloth made to match my fall banner?  Hmm... yes, I think so!  (I'm also contemplating making 4 baby bibs in fall colors - yes, I know it's a little overboard, but I'll be putting cloth napkins on everyone else's plates so it really won't look right unless....)

pieced edges

That said, I did grieve to use up so much precious Good Folks fabric.  I consoled myself with the thought that this tablecloth is for me, hence I could always rework it into some other project if desired.  Wow, I am that person now.  As you can see, I just worked with the fabric I found in my cabinet - mostly half yard cuts which just barely spanned the table.  A little scrappy here and there + a border to give it extra width = a patchwork tablecloth I'll love each fall.  Included are some of the prints I purchased recently by RoseMarie Lavin, Freebird Ovals in Bark (I wish for more of those - they're so handy) and that solid plum that I used for Aria's Christmas stocking.

Fabric not wide enough = pieced edges

Guess what I realized after I finished piecing the top?  I had intended to use that solid plum for a color-spectrum baby quilt I'm making for a good friend.  Oops.  Now I don't have enough.  Is it still a stash-buster if it's now forcing me to go shopping?  Oh well, a girl can never have enough Kona.

the inspiration

The dishes made me do it.


  1. That is such a fabulous plate! And I love the bohemian look of the patchwork tablecloth. And I'm totally THAT person as well...if you use large pieces of fabric for a project, you can always reuse it later. That's just's good for the environment.

    My table is skinny enough that if I get 60" wide decorator fabric in a long enough piece I can really just throw it on the table and have a table cloth. In fact, you are inspiring me to do just to find good fabric deals! LOL.

  2. You can always take it apart after the dinner and put the fabric right back in the stash!! But it is awfully pretty....

  3. It is lovely. Now you get to look at that fabric all spread out not just the fold of it in the stash. Yes yes yes it is all to be USED and enjoyed. Now I am going to do this, too.

  4. It's lovely! Perfect fall color choices too, but with out being orange yellow and green. =) Well done!

  5. super, super cute. and YAY to using up fabric. :)

  6. This is so cute! What a great way to use up fabric! Love the scrappy look :)

  7. I love your patchwork table cloth. My kitchen table is big 45x60 or 60x60 with the leaf. I have been using linen because it is the only thing wide enough. Never thinking to patchwork together fabric to make a cloth. But now I know and I will be making one for my table. with a 2 1/2 yo boy my table can't be without one.
    thanks for the idea.
    new to your blog and love it


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