Saturday, October 2, 2010

So Long Saturday

So, today I had an itch to be SUPER productive.  My angel of a mother-in-law had our children overnight Friday and planned to keep them all Saturday, so I actually made a list of all the many things I imagined I could accomplish today. 

And then, Binding happened.  It was as terribly awfully painful as it's been before, but it still didn't satisfy me one iota. And sewing is supposed to be fun.  It's my playtime.  Grrrh.  Between sleeping in waaaay late (I know, poor me), keeping a haircut appointment (again, my life is so hard), and helping my husband hang our new door (what a slacker he is), it took all day to attach the binding to the Red & Aqua Sampler quilt.  And I do mean just to attach it.  I had already cut and ironed it the day before!  Oh, and I machine-attached it.  So, ya, there was a bit of seam ripping, as you can imagine.

But, guess what, the mailman brought this.

Thanks, Alecia!

A totally out-of-the-blue gift from Alecia of Beauty in the Details, who is also involved in do. Good Stitches as the host of our Faith circle.  Thank-you, Alecia!  I am so blessed and can't wait to dive into all these gorgeous pictures and intriguing words.  In the wake of this beautiful surprise, my sad little "to do" list lost its rub. 

So, now, I'm going to do just whatever I want with the rest of this night.  Not something on the list - no - something that just feels right.  Perhaps a good book is just what today needs.

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  1. i own that book and love pulling it out in the dreariness of winter to be inspired! i watched many a great domestic movies due to her suggestions!


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