Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Rhombus & Other Breaking News

Is there anything easier and happier than bunting?

Voila! a fall banner

That little fabric stack got lucky Wednesday night when a few friends came over to sew along with me. A no-brain-required bunting was just right

I heart Pinking Shears

So, I know these pictures are awful. I stubbornly insist on photographing the bunting in the place it actually hangs - over the curtains in our dining/sewing room. But, the lighting is all wrong. Next time I'll do better...

Fall Banner

Of course they'll be a next time! I'm thinking this is a great excuse to cut into stashed fabrics every season. I finally got to use that chocolate brown and orange octopus print from Mendocino. That's a line that really should be reprinted - don't you think?

I'm cutting with a pinking blade in my rotary cutter - LOVE! I cut a 9" strip of fabric and placed it horizontally at the very bottom of my cutting board. I was able to cut 2 triangles at once with my 6" wide quilting ruler. I aligned one side of the ruler with the 1 inch vertical line and the other side of the ruler with the 10 inch vertical line (so my ruler was slanted) and cut a rhombus. Dividing that rhombus in two yielded two adorable triangles. I'm sure there are other ways - but this was quick!

Ooooh, and I can't forget to tell you that I made spray starch!  I used this recipe from Crazy Mom Quilts and it seems to work well.  If my bunting is a bit droopy that's cause I barely used any.  I was afraid of getting it on my ironing board because I wasn't sure if I should avoid that?  You should see the froofroo fabric label I made for the spray starch bottle.  I am in so deep ladies, so deep.

First Tooth Lost!

In other terribly exciting news (I mean how often do you get to ponder the rhombus?), Aria lost her first tooth today! She is beyond excited that I took this picture to share that tidbit with you.  This girl is gonna have a blog of her own someday.  Oh, yes!


  1. So totally awesome. I was wondering about starch on the ironing board, too -- only mine is a nasty Wal Mart cover, so I forged ahead. If I had a fancypants cover specially made from Good Folks... well, that'd be another story. :)

  2. I have to say, the Mendocino line was one of my favorites EVER. I made a quilt almost entirely out of that line for my niece last year. I am still using up the little last bits of it, but soon it will be gone and I will be sad. :(

    I like your use of the rhombus. I've been thinking of doing some parallelogram piecing myself.

  3. Loosing first tooth, that is big news! Love the bunting, my baby turns 2 in couple of weeks, I think I might make one as well.

    And thank you so much for your friendly comment yesterday on my homemaker post:)


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