Monday, October 25, 2010

I HEART the Ovis Hill Farm Festival

Yesterday we made memories at the Ovis Hill Farm Festival.  The festivities are held on a real, old-fashioned sheep farm in Timmonsville, SC. Skilled artisians, story tellers, muscians, local farmers, bakers, painters and more converge in a little-known and much loved fall festival.

and lots of smiles

Each year is a little different.  This time around the kids got to play tug-o-war..


Ok, so did I.

Farm animals galore

We enjoyed our usual favorites like the hayride, boarder collie sheep-hearding demonstration, and petting zoo. I wanted to take one of these sweet calves home, but we don't have things ready for that - yet.  Our first farm animal just may be a pig this November.  But, you never know these things until they happen, so don't get your hope up (Rachel). 


Besides the fun and games, there was a storyteller who shared an old American version of a traditional Baba Yaga fairytale. My kids were mezmerized, of course.  Storytelling is their favorite part of our homeschool.  There's something magical about hearing a tale spun straight from the lips of a real live person.

First Snowcones ever

I was a little sad that we missed out on the square-dancing this year, but on the upside Aria and Liam had their first snowcones ever.  I cautioned Liam not to eat the paper cup.

What was my favorite part of the festival?  The color of course!  Take a look at the children getting crafty.  These are pumpkins and a few of the gourds made by visitors throughout the day.

Pumpkin Painting



And here are some wooly treasures hand-spun and plant-dyed. This rainbow takes my breath away.  I don't own any real, lovely yarn - but someday, someday! 

And,yes, they do spinning demonstrations too!

Handspun Treasures

Spinning Wheel Demos

Plant-dyed Wool Yarn

This is the one family outing that the kids and I look forward to most every fall. Maybe next year, if you live near South Carolina, you could join us at Ovis Hill Farm!


  1. Looks like a blast! Lovely photos. :)

  2. Um, I'm totally jealous. Today we went to Disneyworld and it was hot and humid and not even remotely fall-like or old-fashioned. :(

  3. This is exactly why I have wanted to move back east! You all have so many cultural events that honor 'yesteryear'! And now my dream is coming true! I will be in TN by mid November.
    Great blog.

  4. We'll have to do this! At first I thought it might be the Living History weekend in North Augusta...we were going to do that, but ended up having other obligations. Your children are so beautiful and their sweet spirits shine!


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