Wednesday, October 6, 2010

from Scrap.

Here it is... my first finished Christmas gift.  An excess of large girly scraps inspired this simple patchwork toddler apron for a special little 2-year-old.  I think 2 is just the right age to really begin painting and stirring the batter in ernest, right?  I hope this little apron will see lots of washing!

Patchwork Child's Apron from Scrap

I made this apron in 5" squares all from scrap.  In the end, I wasn't in love with how the patchwork turned out, so I  decided to make it reversible with Freebird Ovals by Moda in melon on the back.  It's a fun, lively print that is both gender-neutral and ideal for hiding paint stains!  Since this little girl is soon to be a big-sister, I thought my apron might find it's way to a little boy someday.

my Adorable Boy

So, with that in mind, I ask my little boy to model it for us. As soon as I tied it on, he was off to the chalk board.

busy. busy.

And so busy, busy, busy that I could not get a clear shot in the dark lighting....

Toddler Apron in Freebird Ovals

Until he paused by this morning's bead sculpture to tell me that it's a good apron. Melt my heart.

It feels good to have gotten started on Christmas gifts.  I still don't know what I will be making any of the men on my list... Any suggestions?


  1. Awww---that is so cute!! And well done for being on top of Christmas already!

  2. ADORABLE. I have so many ideas for Christmas this year that I start to have a mini panic-attack just thinking about them all. Ha. Good for you for getting it done already!!

  3. I that you should make aprons for everyone!

  4. So cute! No ideas here for men. My man never has anything on his list that I can make... it's more like watches that tell you the altitude, stuff like that.

  5. Yes, aprons for everyone! If only it could be that easy. =)

    Amy, Liam has a painting apron, but not one I made. I actually bought his apron from an Etsy seller before I learned to sew. Now I find that hilarious.

  6. Really cute!

    I have no ideas for men either. I'm making all my gifts this year, so I need to figure out a few projects for them! :)

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  8. As a teacher, I need one of those aprons. I keep getting chalk on my clothes. It is a very cute apron and model.


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