Sunday, October 3, 2010

done Good.

After envisioning and gathering and planning and stitching and struggling (mainly with binding), I can now present to you the first fruit of do. Good Stitches.

Congrats, team =)

I'd say we've done good, friends!  This happy quilt, which I've named our Red & Aqua Sampler, is the collaborative efforts of 11 ladies who make up the Love circle at do. Good Stitches. It'll be off this week to Wrap Them in Love, an organization that ushers homemade quilts to children in need in countries around the world.  At 58 x 46", I think it's sized just right for a child.

folded Sampler quilt

This was the first quilt I've made with the help of a bee.  It was so exciting to receive each set of blocks!  But, I have to admit that along the way I really started to worry about how the different shades of aqua (which is such a relative term, I've found) would work together in one quilt.  Some seemed so blue!  Some seemed so turquoise. And was there a difference between aqua and turquoise?  What on earth had I meant by aqua and red!?!

from the back

I couldn't begin to decide upon a layout until all 24 blocks arrived mid-September.  After a lot of shuffling, I chose the 20 blocks that mixed best as the quilt top and put the remaining bluer blocks aside for the back.

There were 4 extra blocks - partly because we have 11 members in the Love circle and partly because a few had been made in the wrong size, which I had promised to incorporate into the quilt back.  I had my heart set on using the large star block as the center of the quilt back.  Since the remaining 3 blocks were different sizes, I could think of nothing better than this diagonal layout.  I don't love it, but I hope it works!  I had to remove a border around the 2 blocks at the bottom left to achieve more of a true diagonal.  I hope the maker doesn't mind!
After spray-basting this quilt, I opted for a simple quilting pattern to restore my faith in my ability to straight-line quilt. Then the quilt was finished with rich red Kona binding a la Red Pepper Quilt's binding tutorial.  I can see that machine binding will be pretty fast, once I get the hang of it.  I'm glad I'll be binding my next Colorbrick quilt within a month, so I'll have the chance to give it another go before getting rusty. 

So, aahhhhhh, another big project complete!  I'm so very, very excited to be finally cutting into Modern Meadow for my next quilt.  And while that's in the works, I'll be running through smallish projects because I crave some non-quilty sewing at the moment something fierce.

Pumpkin Patch

Happy October to all!  This is the biggest pumpkin in our patch.  I can't wait to see it carved!  And, believe it or not, this picture is taken inside our gated vegetable garden.  You can tell I've kept is immaculately weed-free.


  1. Looks beautiful! Good job, ladies!

  2. I can tell a lot of love went into to making this quilt! Gorgeous!

    P.S. Cute boots!

  3. this looks so gorgeous, rachel! i totally hear you on the aqua/blue/turquoise thing... something you can probably see from my blocks. i decided to just throw a bunch of shades in there and hope that at least one of them was right. for what its worth, i do think the overall look is really harmonious and lovely in the end (and i quite like the three diagonal blocks on the back).

    p.s. i think i have that exact same skirt! is it anthropologie from, like, a zillion years ago?

  4. Yahoo!! I absolutely love it, and they all look amazing together, despite differences in aqua interpretation (ooh, that sounds like a good name for a quilt). Great job bringing it all together - and thanks for getting us all together in the first place! :)

  5. That quilt is beautiful! I think that the reds and aquas/turquoises/blues look great together. ;]

  6. Great job, Rachel, I think it looks wonderful! And I'm with you on the red/aqua confusion. I have a bundle I bought from Etsy that was supposed to be red and aqua but it is SO more turquoise than aqua. But I actually find the play on values works well within a quilt.

    And I'm jealous of your pumpkins. Between the lack of bees and the powdery mildew mine all perished long ago. :(

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your pumpkins! Mind do have some powdery mildew stuff, but some have survived nevertheless. Only the one big enough to carve though. The rest will become pumpkin pie!

    So, I'm really wondering what IS aqua now?

    Ara - yep, that's an Anthro skirt (though mine was purchased second hand). So I guess you and I go waaaaay back? Wink.

  8. Great beginning to a great charity bee!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. It turned out beautifully! What a lovely gift for a child in need!
    I'm happy to say that I have all of my fat quarters for my quilt ready to cut! Looking forward to it!

  10. It turned out beautifully! And look at your fun photos :)

  11. It turned out wonderful! I may have to make a block for one of your upcoming do.good quilts. I love that color combination, too -- great job!!!

  12. It looks amazing! And it's so wonderful to see the first project come together.


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