Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've been pretty good lately.  Just lookin, lookin, lookin at everyone else's new fabric.  You know, living vicariously through my friends and such.  So I finally caved and used up every last drop of my birthday money on a fabric binge.

my Binge

Funny how this group came together without even trying. From let to right, that's Kona Pomegranate, Kona Wine, Small Gathering in Azalea from Anna Maria Horner, Modern Meadow Herringbone, Modern Meadow Sunflower, Modern Meadow Nap Sack, and two Spa prints by Rosemarie Lavin. These aren't going to stay together, but they wanted at least a picture as such.

a very little Innocent Crush

Isn't this little, tiny bite of Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner truly scrumptous? I ordered a few fat quarters from Sew Love Fabrics. My favorite is the Woodcut print. Really, I'm holding out for those velveteens...

Health Food

And this bunch I definitely consider health food. Really, entirely good for me. From the left: banana, peridot, sage, denim, and lupine in Kona Cotton and Essex Linen/Cotton blend in putty - all from Sew Fresh Fabrics



  1. Gorgeous! Some Innocent Crush found its way to my house this week too. I was powerless to resist!

  2. Hee hee! I used up all of my birthday money on fabric this year, too. I LOVE that second from the left spa print. So, so pretty.

  3. I mean, second from the right. (doh!)

  4. Me too, A. It reminds me of a gingko leaf.

  5. oh I love the one on the far right! It's so fun to splurge on pretty fabrics sometimes!

  6. Ah...jealousy!!! I'm jonesing for some innocent crush myself, but I've been sworn to lay off the fabric purchases until I finish my WIP's. Alas.

    These are beautiful, have fun with them!

  7. Mmm, yummy prints! I've been bad about fabric lately. I was doing so well and then, all of a sudden bam! Haha. :)


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