Thursday, September 2, 2010

{Why} I Make My Own


Is it cheaper?  Is it prettier?  Is it just what I really wanted?

Sometimes, but there's more.

It comes from me.  It's an expression of who I am.  It's a visible outpouring of my love for my family, my friends, for others who suffer, even for myself.  It stretches me to try something new.  I have to think for myself.  Judge for myself.  Keep going.  Press on.  Believe.

I believe that it matters that something is handmade rather than mass-produced.  It costs me plenty in time and in money, but the gain is more than an object.

I believe that what I make will be loved. Well, I will love it!  Or, at least appreciate it, if not for it's loveliness than for what I learned in the process.

And, I believe that it brings people together.  Isn't that more than clear?  But even outside of this bloggy-good place, it brings friends together to admire and encourage, to confess to that drive to create.  And the sparks of creativity fly between us.

Because everyone is creative.  Yes, absolutely.  Everyone.

So whether you stitch or knit or paint or cook or garden or sing, let's keep it up.  Let's make our own lives.


Care to join me in sharing your {Why}?  What got you started?  What keeps you going?  Why is it worth it?  Yes, Please!

Whether in poetry, prose or pictures post about it and include a link back to here.  I'll be making a list of links to participating bloggers to keep the inspiration coming.  Just add a link to your post in the comments.


1.  jenn of all trades

2.  Noas' Libellule

3.  Undercover Crafter

4.  Grey Cat Quilts

5.  Angie Padilla

6.  Gen X Quilters

7.  Crafty Gemini

8.  rockinbabies


  1. Here's my WHY. Thank you Rachel for taking the time to share yours and to inspire me to write down mine. :)

  2. i'm totally on the same page with you on this one. I think much of the world's problem is people are stuck in front of desks & not creating--it would be enough to drive me bonkers. & I don't have bushels to show, but there's always something to pick up in the background...anyway, thanks for the reminder. I'll think on what I can include!

  3. My why post is published!! Such a beautiful question..

  4. I think I went a little crazy answering your question on my blog but it really inspired me. I think I would have said more if I had the time. Thanks for asking the question.

  5. I was a little long-winded, but here is my {why}.

    Thank you for prodding me to think about it.

  6. Just posted my {Why}! Nice idea! I am new to your site - came here through Hollie. So nice to meet you!

    Stop by if you have a chance!
    AnneMarie @ Gen X Quilters

  7. A couple of weeks ago I blogged a bit about why I quilt. Or, at least in part why I quilt. I would like to share that here. This is one of the reasons why I quilt:

  8. thanks for this! I found your site via GenX Quilters. Here is my {WHY} post:


  9. I really like what you said! I've been thinking about my blog lately and where I want to go with it and all my crafty endeavors, and I think this puts a good spin on my thoughts. I'll have to think about this some more, and even though I'm a year late, I'll have to post about this too. :)


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