Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sewing Machine Cover Finished!

Here's that finish I so totally needed!  It's a sewing machine cover for my secret Urban Home Goods swap partner.

Sewing Machine Cover for UHG

I just hope it fits!  This sewing machine cover style allows for wiggle room, but I had a really tough time choosing measurements because of some discrepancies which I shall not disclose for fear of revealing my partner's identity.

backed in Dolce

After piecing the top, finishing this machine cover was lots like finishing a quilt.  I wanted to use this half yard of Dolce "Rita" print as the backing, but a half yard was not quite enough.  Stitching a solid aqua border around the backing allowed me to use the half yard and provided a wrap-around aqua binding for the front.

rickrack binding

Since I didn't have matching thread that would hide my stitches, I opted for a zigzag finish on the binding. Zigzag is so forgiving!

I need to keep practicing my quilting....

Hand-stitched twill ties to the back, and it's done. This was a nice small canvas for practicing machine quilting. I know there are a few wavy lines, but I hope my partner won't mind.  I did my very honest best.

inspired by Red Pepper Quilts

This is my first time piecing with white. I know, I know, it's because I'm such a linen lover! When I originally started the hourglass piecing, I went without solids and paired print with print. While the blocks were pretty alone, they looked just awful as a group. Oops. I did start over with the white, which is what Rita from Red Pepper Quilts used as well.  Soooooo much better.  Happily, one of the rejected hourglasses became an easy pincushion.

Little extra
See, I just sewed the sides of the square block together with raw edges exposed.  Matching sewing machine cover and pincushion... I like it!  I hope she does too!  And now that my work is done, I'm glad to be anticipating receiving my own surprise package sometime soon.  Yah!


  1. You did a fantastic job on this sewing machine cover! Anyone would LOVE to receive that in the mail:) I hope that your recipient loves it and feels the love put into making it.

    The way you took your "mess up" and made it into something useful is brilliant! It's a perfect set.

  2. What a precious machine coverlet. I am using an old typewriter cover, but now you have given me the greatest idea. Using the boo-boo as a pin cushion was a really creative idea. I love making pin cushions. Love your post.

    Genie @ buttonsforbaga

  3. Your sewing machine cover is adorable! I might just have to make one of my own, especially now that I've got a 'new-to-me' desk that my sewing machine can sit on permanently!

  4. i love it- its beautiful. so colorful and happy. and the machine quilting looks excellent!

  5. It's really sweet, Rachel. I still love it. And no one will mind a few wavy lines! :)

  6. I love it and I don't think anyone would mind a few wavy lines! It looks beautiful!**I still hope it's coming to live at my house! :)

  7. oh my goodness! This is so gorgeous! I Love the turquoise trim. And your right, no baby yet. ughhh :).

  8. I am the lucky, proud owner of this amazing piece. Thank you, Rachel! You did a lovely job, and I will enjoy this for years to come. :-)

  9. I just came across this set of yours! It's gorgeous! Your partner is soooo lucky!!


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