Saturday, September 11, 2010


On my birthday weekend, I though I'd share a little about me.  You know, the me that exists beyond sewing, the "in real life" Rachel, so to speak.  And, if you don't want to humor me, y'all just come back next time, K?

Here we go...

Me, I'm intense.  I do pretty much everything all-the-way and 100% IN.  That started with ballet at age 4.  I was quite the serious ballerina-to-be until I quit my senior year of high school.  I mean like, dancing 6 days a week and planning to forgo having kids because they'd get in the way of my dancing - that kind of serious.  Thank goodness that didn't come to be!

I graduated high school at age 16, the same year I quit ballet.  Yes, I was a bit young for a valedictorian.  I seem to have been raised under the premise that earlier/younger is better.  Not true.  I'm really not particularly smart, just hard working.  I truly enjoy work.  I'm said to be "productivity oriented" (which may explain my energy for sewing, eh?).  For me school was an approval-winning bonanza, at least with my teachers.  Fortunately, I had the opportunity in later years to pursue an education that really meant something to me when I audited religious studies courses at Westmont, a Christian college in Santa Barbara.

Because, yes, my faith certainly means something to me.  It's difficult to know how to express that here.  My life is made meaningful, vibrant and hope-filled because of what Jesus is for me.  And God's had His hands is all my life's great turning points, from quitting ballet to starting Euphoria, and in the small things too, like inspiring me to begin do. Good Stitches.

I married my husband at 18. Sheesh!  I was waaaaay too young, though my husband (who had just turned 20) still maintains that he was ready.  I was so not grown up.  I'd just been charging forward on the "fast track" of life and since I'd hopped off the ballerina train, I was finding a new direction.  Those first few years were painful for me.  I'm so glad that my faith and my friends sustained me because my marriage and my family are the most precious aspects of my life today.

Having kids changes everything.  At 22 I became a mother, at home.  Our natural home birth was the beginning for us of a very "crunchy"  journey.  And, now, we're bonafide "weird" - especially since we moved from our native California to South Carolina.  Yes, I shop local and organic, wash my face with oil and even drink raw milk.  I suppose you could say we're free thinkers. But, for all the renouncing we've done, we're also embracing the good old ways:  gardening, homeschooling, and establishing simple family traditions.

So, who am I today?  Confident.  Sometimes I feel like I could do anything (anything but machine quilting, that is).  Busy. Mom, entrepreneur, teacher, artist, friend.  Fulfilled.  Life is sweeter than I could have ever imagined.  Creative.  Which is a new one for me to claim.  Restless.  I dance once a week, but it's not enough.  Energized.  By each chance to create.  Thankful.  For you, for God, for all the dear souls in my life.

I really like sewing.  And, I really like blogging.  So, I think I'll be here for awhile.  Thanks for having me.


  1. you are beautiful inside and out, Rachel!! (and the chocolate cake looks like it was good! :)

  2. What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday to a wonderful, creative, inspiring woman. I can so relate to much of your story.


  3. Happy Birthday!! Mine is on Thursday- (love being a virgo!)
    Oh, and I love your story... can't believe you married so young! Your kids are beautiful!

  4. I love who you are! You have always been so poised and driven and I admire you greatly for that.
    Happy Birthday friend!

  5. thank you for sharing so much about you! i love knowing more about you and your fascinating life. happy birthday, rachel!

  6. Happy Birthday, Rachel! And believe me, you CAN machine quilt!

  7. Happy happy girl!

    p.s. can you find out if your swap partner used a pattern for that lovely sewing machine cover? Think I need on just like it!

  8. happy birthday! what a fun post, it was nice learning about you. :)

  9. I loved this post. It was great getting to know you a little better. Happy birthday, bloggy friend! :D

  10. All good stuff; I like crunchy and weird. Go girl!

    Happy Birthday!!

  11. I've read your blog for awhile but never commented. What a lovely description of yourself - honest and forthright. I married young and my daughter did, too. It sometimes is just the right thing... and it is not a bad thing to grow up in the company of the one you'll grow old with.

    I love your color love and admire your beautiful creations. Your enthusiasm and delight at all things is a good thing to read. Be weird, dear girl. As one who has been weird for many years, in many of the same ways, I can say to you that it is WAY more fun.

    Happy birthday.

  12. It's crazy how I can relate to almost every aspect of your self-description, Rachel. Well, except for the ballet part--I'm CLUMSY. :) But everything else--being the youngest in my class, driven to gain approval, marrying young and learning all those painful lessons on selfishness, having a home birth, homeschooling, trying to get back to a simpler, more meaningful life...I feel like we need to be neighbors!! :)

    Thanks for sharing all of this, happy (late) birthday!!

    PS--Baking soda rules. I use it for EVERYTHING. And now I totally want to try the oil face wash.

  13. Loved reading this Rachel!! It's nice to learn more about the people who's blogs we read daily. Major props to you on becoming a mom at 22. I'm 34 and still somewhat terrified. You seem to love what you do and inspire me to keep at it!

  14. I just checked with her - she didn't use a pattern. Darn, right?

  15. Thank you for sharing Rachel! I really enjoyed learning more about you. What a beautiful and amazing life you have!

  16. Happy belated birthday, Rachel! That is such a heart-warming post. You should definitely refer back to it if you are ever having a rough day. You are wonderful! =]

  17. have the same birthday as my sweet baby boy, Trenton! I hope you had a great day....thanks for sharing, it was nice learning more about you.
    I got married young and had my first son at 22 also, although, I have to honestly say that it was the perfect time for me to do so. I enjoyed being a young mother and think if I had waited too long that I may have been too selfish to let myself mold to motherhood the way that my youth allowed me to do.

  18. I agree that having children young was perfect for me. And, yes, it helped us become the parents we are today without much pain because we didn't have our lifestyle all figured out before they came, you know?

  19. happy birthday to a wonderful lady

  20. happy happy birthday. fun to read a bit about you- hope this next year is great :)

  21. Oh Happy Birthday Rachel! What a wonderful post and a light-filled telling of a very good tale so far :). It's funny I am so tired and pregnant I actually read your sentence as, "my life is a sweater I could never have imagined" which made me laugh thinking of you and all of your crafty/lovely talents. Thought you'd laugh at that.

    I hope you had a wonderful one and a magnificent year up ahead. Raw milk huh? I might have to venture there.

  22. Happy Birthday Sweet Rachel. I'm glad I've had the opportunity to read your sweet life summary. I'm sure the future is bright and beautiful for you & your family. Keep sewing, your creativity is fun to watch. Maybe one day you can bring your family to Hawaii. We can sip raw milk, introduce you to all the home school mums, and I can teach you to machine quilt. You'll never go back...we'll you might. ♥

  23. I'm in shock - married at 18! You share the same birthday as my bestest friend ever, and yes, you are so alike. Power houses forever learning and giving. Very cool.

    that was a good read! hehehe

    in Canada


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