Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Color Order

Saturday:  Toes in the sand, surf in the hair.  A long, sunny day at the beach with my children and husband and some very dear friends. Goodbye, summer.

Sunday:  Sewing, sewing, sewing...all day long.  With my daughter, whose words of admiration and encouragement are peppered with odd little questions.  Listening to the rain fall with windows wide open.  Welcome, fall.

These sort of days when life is so beautiful and so fully experienced - I just want to freeze them in time.  And yet I didn't even try to take pictures of the action.  Sometimes in holding on so tight I find I lose the moment instead.

Today .

I set out today to finish two lingering projects:  my Christmas tree skirt and the Red & Aqua Sampler Quilt for do. Good Stitches.  I am 1 for 2, but that's ok.  Aria made a scissors cover/pouch that turned into a sleeping bag for her little dollhouse doll.  And then, she made this dress, complete with velcro closure at the back.  This after she proudly bought her very own velcro circles for a tidy 76 cents at the fabric store!

Aria's doll dress

Somewhere along the way, she reorganized my pins by color, as she loves to do.  And when she asked me for the zillionth time if I'd keep them that way, I decided to commit.  Because, this weekend was just about as perfect as a rainbow.  And, she's right, they do look lovely in color order.

May all our weekends {yours and mine} be so sweet.


  1. how cute is it that she color codes your pins?! I totally would have done that as I a child. In fact, I very well may have! LOL.

  2. Oh, I used to do that with my grandmother's pins! I agree with her, they look lovely in this arangement.

  3. Yes! I forget to take pictures all the time -- sometimes on purpose -- so that I can be more fully present in the gorgeousness all around. Sometimes I regret it -- like today, when I went on a walk with my 3 year-old in the pouring rain and she gleefully raced fallen leaves down the gutter river. We threw the porch door open wide to listen to the rain, too. So soothing to the soul.

  4. So sweet! What is it about little girls and orderly pins? Your r brave to commit to keeping then that way!

  5. She a too cute. I love the doll clothes. Aren't daughter great. I also like your pin cushion

  6. mmmm. This post was SO calming and peaceful to read. Thank you Rachel :)

  7. Hehe, I like her thinking! I too love things that are in color order :)

    I think I need to change my subscription because I subscribed to the new blog but I haven't been getting any updates! I must have messed something up along the way!

  8. I really really love this pincushion Rachel!!! Did you make it? Is there a pattern? I'd love to know!

  9. I adore that pincushion too! It was made for me by PinkPunkBoutique in a Flickr swap. You can find the pattern in Anna Maria Horner's book, Seams to Me.

  10. Olá Rachel são lindos a suas costuras e também da sua almofada alfineteiro é fácil de ter o molde obrigada pela gentileza!!!
    Rachel um abraço!!!


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