Saturday, September 4, 2010

from Alabama Stitch Book

Isn't this lovely?  It's for a weighted over-the-arm pincushion and supply caddy from Natalie Chanin's Alabama Stitch Book.  This is the project I took with me on our trip to Nashville to keep my hands busy in the car and late at night.    Small, manageable pieces requiring lots of time and love. I'm halfway done now.

Alabama Stitch Book Pincushion

This time I traced the stitch line with a fine permanent black marker.  Rather than stitching with buttonhole thread, as suggested in the book, I'm using doubled regular black thread since I didn't have time to run to the store before our trip.  Worked fine!  The outer nude jersey is an old T-shirt and the peak-through fabric is a purple woven from Aria's Christmas Stocking.

Another work-in-progress.  Sigh... I need a finish soon!


  1. I don't have that book just yet, but it's on my list. This looks wonderful Rachel, as did your skirt! I love the layering of fabrics.

  2. I love little projects...can't wait to see how this turns out!

  3. Beeautiful! It gives me hope that you are using this reverse applique method more than once... that means it must be fun, right? :)

  4. That's going to be super cute!

  5. I was wondering how you traced the pattern. When I tried, the marker "dragged" along the fabric. What did I do wrong?

  6. I used a micro-fine marker. It has a very fine tip, but it did drag the fabric some. I think that's hard to avoid with stretchy jersey!


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