Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crafty Social #2

I don't scrapbook. I've never "stamped."  But, last night my living room was literally bursting with all sorts of these foreign supplies.  How fun to gather our diverse talents and create in the same space.  I was very inspired (and somewhat intimidated) by rampant paper-and-ink creativity!

Sewn Spaces by Joel Dewberry

For my stitching friends, I pulled out a copy of Joel Dewberry's Sewn Spaces, on loan from the library. 

Here are two fabric-embellished cards from the book.  These cards are very doable, though definitely time-consuming.  You'll see some cards inspired by Joel's designs amongst the cards our group made:

Crafty Social Cardmaking

Crafty Social Cardmaking

The night flies by much, MUCH too fast when you're sewing with friends.  I had made two cards and was itching to start another when it was suddenly time to pack up and go home. Boohoo.

I made these =)

These are mine. I didn't get as creative as I would have liked, but I did have the opportunity to help several friends get cozy with a sewing machine and practice some rotary cutting. Ya!

Oh, and you'll see I did a wee bit of stamping and paper-cutting. It's a wide, wide world out there. So many creative possibilities. We're definitely doing this project again!  I so wish you all lived near bye.


  1. Ooooh *fun*!! I am a recovering stamper myself -- I have a tote full of stamps that I haven't used in far too long. Your cards are gorgeous -- I especially love the one on the right. It's almost like quilting, only with instant gratification, right? :)

  2. Exactly - instant gratification and no need for yardage!

  3. wish i could have come! the cards look amazing!!


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