Saturday, September 18, 2010

Colorbrick: Materials List

This post is part of a series {Colorbrick} a Beginner’s Quilt-Along.  You can join in anytime, even if you’re not a beginner!  Please see this page for links to all posts, and join us on Flickr to share your questions and work-in-progress!

Your finished Colorbrick quilt will measure 52.5" x 67".

Materials List

Materials you'll want right away:

-10 fat quarters for printed "bricks"

-Neutral solid for sashing & binding.  Choose
  • 1 ¾ yard of 59” wide linen (available here) OR

  • 2 yards of 43/44/45” fabric (such as Kona Cotton or Essex Linen/Cotton)

-Neutral solid for backing.  Choose
  • 2 yards of 59” wide linen (available here) OR
  • 3 yards of 43/44/55” fabric (such as Kona Cotton or Essex Linen/Cotton)

-Rotary Cutter Setup (cutting mat, rotary cuter and quilter's ruler)

-High quality machine-stitching thread, such at Gutermann, Sulky or Metler.  Cotton suggested.  I used a solid neutral Gutermann thread for the piecing and this golden/yellow variegated Gutermann thread for the quilting.

Materials you'll need by Oct 26th:

-55 x 69” wool or cotton blanket for batting or twin sized purchased batting that allows for quilting up to 10 inches apart.

-Basting pins or Spray Adhesive

-Walking Foot attachment highly recommended.  My machine doesn't have a built-in walking foot, so I purchased an attachment that does the job.  Without a walking foot, your sewing machine pulls fabric from the bottom only.  When you're sewing a thick quilt, this uneven feeding will easily cause puckers and bunching.  A walking foot pulls the fabric from the top as well.  I promise it will come in handy on countless projects!


  1. What a fun idea! The colorbrick quilt is so simple and beautiful. I have too many projects to finish to take part on this one but I'm looking forward to seeing all beautiful quilts:)

  2. feeling a bit overwhelmed, but i bought some fat quarters & they're in the washer now. I really like them & although there are only 5 in this set, I'm going to try to mix in some others--hopefully it won't look too screwy!! now i've got to get a rotary cutting set up (which I may end up borrowing) & batting & a walking foot &....ooh. i like it though. i will be ready for whatever comes!

  3. How much thread will we need? I'm looking forward to starting. Just ordered the fabric tonight!

  4. I'd estimate around 400m of thread. One large Gutermann spool (800m) would do it. If you're buying the "regular" sized Coats & Cotton spools, get two.

  5. Can you give us the name of the color of linen you used from the online site you provided. I can' tell if you used a gray or tan colored linen. Thank You! My fabric won't get here in time for the first day, but I'm hoping to jump on board soon afterwards.

  6. I have purchased IL019 in Natural. It's a beautiful linen! Here's the direct link:

  7. My linen arrived today and I was wondering how best to wash it when I noticed that your next post in the series would discuss preparing the fabrics - WOW, you've thought of everything! Thanks again!

  8. How much wadding? I know you've stated the width but I can't see the length... thanks!

    1. Your finished Colorbrick quilt will measure 52.5" x 67". So, you'll want batting/wadding that's about 56 x 71" to work with!


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