Thursday, September 23, 2010

Colorbrick: How to Play Nice


I've received a number of comments and emails about copyright issues, as in "Can I make a Colorbrick quilt to sell?" and "Is it OK if I make one in the same fabrics as yours?".  First, thanks for asking!  Second, "yes" and "yes"!

Colorbrick Quilt-AlongIn putting Colorbrick out there as a quilt-along, I am making a gift to you and to any who would follow. You may absolutely make it how you like.  Imitation is just a compliment.  The way I see it, we all give and take.  Inspiration arrives in my blog reader from you all every day!

BUT, here's the one thing - please give credit. If you have a blog and you'll be sharing this quilt-along, please add this button to your sidebar or your posts.  And, if you do make the quilt to sell or give-away, consider adding a little reference to Stitched in Color.  That'd be so nice!

Here is the html code for adding the {Colorbrick} a beginner's Quilt-Along button to your website:

<div align="center"><a href="" title="{Colorbrick} a beginner's Quilt-Along"><img src="" alt="{Colorbrick} a beginner's Quilt-Along" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Again, I am soooooooo excited that you want to play along.  Can't wait to see your creations!



P.S.  I have made a new page in the menu up top called  "Colorbrick Quilt-Along" so that you can easily find all quilt-along posts, our Flickr group and the button.  


  1. I got my fat quarters today!! Anna Maria... no surprise. The Stitcher's Garden had so much to choose from!!!

  2. Great news! Did you find Garden Party, Good Folks or Little Folks? I want to see :)


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