Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Is there anyone looking over your shoulder?  This post is top secret... my project for the {Urban) Home Goods swap.  Of course, I can't name my fab secret partner, because it could be YOU, so let's just call her Mrs. X.

Mrs. X included a list of sewing ideas for me, her blind swap partner.  She implied that she'd be happy with anything, but I know what she really wants - a sewing machine cover!  How do I know this?  Because that's what I really want!!! Oh, and she did include it on her list and in her inspiration mosaic...

Mrs. X has a style that's light, upbeat and eclectic.  Fortunately, I had on hand these lovelies that I think we'll suit her very well:

Secret project for {Urban} Home Goods Swap

At first I thought I might make a sewing machine cover like this one, but in the end I decided to mix it up.  I'll do the same cover style, which allows for a margin of error in the fit, but a different patchwork pattern.  What do you think of this?

Work in Progress

Completely fabulous, right!?!  It's a quilt made by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts.  If you don't know and love her already, I dare you to click.  Her work is so precise!  She also has a light and upbeat style, so I thought of Red Pepper Quilts when I imagined what Mrs. X would like.  This Hour Glass quilt has been one of my Flickr favorites for a while now.  What a perfect opportunity to give it a go.  And, quite happily, on a small scale.  I'll be using Rita's  Hour Glass Block Tutorial.  Wish me luck!


  1. Firstly - it's going to be lovely; you chose great fabrics!

    Secondly - I am cracking up because we must really be on the same wavelength. I've got a blog post scheduled for the 20th where I talk about the fabric I chose for the swap and show a picture of my inpsiration and guess where its from? Red Pepper! HA! Too funny. So please don't think I'm just ripping off your blog! =)

  2. ooo it'll turn out FABULOUS! i love all those fabric choices!!!!

  3. Love it! I just made my first HST blocks for the bee and really liked it. It is easy and fast and there are endless amounts of options how to piece them together.

  4. I know I ma not Mrs X, but I would like to be Mrs X. She will love it!

  5. Hmm. You could totally be describing me. But I learned my lesson with the PTS3 in thinking that so many items could have been made for me . . . so I'm not going to hope too hard. But it's totally lovely! Love it!

  6. Of course not! Everything from Red Pepper is pretty awesome. I'm glad we're going to get to see what you're working on soon!

  7. Oh, I hope I am Ms. X - I have one of these on my wish list - and so does my partner - so thank you for the links and inspiration!

  8. oooooh, is it me? is it for me? .... I hope so, but if it's not, I'll love it from afar. :) It will really turn out gorgeous with all those beautiful fabrics!


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