Monday, August 30, 2010

More on Skirting Couture

Thank-you, thank-you for your comments and advice on Decisions, decisions.  The first morning of Anna Maria Horner's  Skirting Couture workshop, I still didn't know which fabric I would use!  So, completely unlike me.  But, after setting up my sewing machine I just knew that I would reach for the Natura by Alexander Henry.


I think my inner "Type A" drive to use up a fabric that I had no other inspiration for won out over other factors.  But, your advice to use the cheaper or less-loved fabric in class and the Anna Maria Horner Little Folks fabric for a second go at the pattern was wise, very wise.   The trouble is I can't imagine when I'll be making a second skirt.  Between Christmas sewing and do. Good Stitches, I feel I've a very busy season ahead.  If only my father-in-law would enjoy a handmade skirt!  Ok, scratch that.

Ms. Alexia

Back to the class. Please say hello to Ms. Alexia. She's Anna's assistant and a wonderful teacher (in fact she teaches bunches of classes in Nashville). Alexia's also the beauty that graces some of Anna's pattern covers, so perhaps you will recognize her! And, yes, this photo is blurry. Unfortunately many of them are as I'm still learning the basics of using my husband's fancy camera. Sorry! See that phone in the back? It's in focus :).


As I was saying. Here is Alexia demonstrating the mysterious invisible zipper installation. Turns out it is rather easy. As easy as she and Anna promised, really. I won't try to explain it here, because there are real tutorials out there. But, Alexia gave us a live demo while Anna drew diagrams with a fading blue dry erase marker. I wonder if anyone else was thinking as Anna drew pictures of zipper coils, "Wow, and she really draws her fabrics out too, just like that. Just as easy." Yes, I know, I'm hopeless.


Here is the zipper halfway sewn in. See how it pulls back the fabric and "hides"?

Gladly, I was able to try my hand at installing my invisible zipper while still in class.  Every so often it was "Alexia, am I doing this right?"  My goodness, she is p-a-t-i-e-n-t.  But other than having a bobbin problem that required rethreading mid-way through...


I was able to get the zipper in without a hitch! Credit the good instructions, friends. And speaking of friends, I shared my looooong table with the sweetest mama-to-be. Thanks for the pictures, Timshel!

Zipper success

With the zipper finished, my skirt outer is complete. It looks skirt-like and even fits! Wow, who would have thought?

My skirt

Now I can definitely say that I'm glad I went with the Alexander Henry. This skirt is totally "me". I'm considering adding a peak-a-boo lining with either a solid or small black/white print showing to add that extra handmade zing. What do you think? I'm also considering going lining-free, because I'm lazy (and perhaps not so modest? Were I grew up, in California, you just wear nude panties). And now, here is my invisible zipper.

So invisible

Are you really still here? I can't believe how long this post is! And, I still have more pictures to share from class. Let's save those for tomorrow. Shall we?


  1. Woohoo! It looks awesome. I say go for the peek a boo lining! :)

  2. It looks simply lovely!! You did a great job with the zipper and the skirt is adorable. I'd go for the liner for the looks of it but if it were a lot of fuss, not bother. Nude panties are great! I'm amazed at how far you've come in sewing in such a short time. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. It was so great to meet you and have you in class!!! Your skirt looks great and I can't wait to see the lining you pick!!!

  4. i love it! so cute! the AH print looks fabulous! and the blurry pics are great- that phone looked so interesting so i'm glad its in focus (hehe.) can't wait to see more pics :)

  5. It looks sooo good! Great job!!!

  6. Oh my, Rachel, that skirt is adorable. I'm so envious that you got to take class with Anna Maria! What a fun experience!

  7. Your skirt is adorable! What cute fabric. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your class with Anna - what a great experience!

  8. Looks great! definitely your style. I would say go with the nude lining, in the spirit of growing up (and not being in CA anymore)!

  9. I love the fabric. I've seen it on a pillow too somewhere.

  10. Oh I am so glad that you actually posted pictures of the invisible zipper!! And yours is fabulous! Stupid but I keep thinking "It really is inv VISIBLE!" ha. We had such a good time with you all tonight! SO glad we met! Have a safe trip home:).

  11. Yay! You did so great on that zipper!!!! Take a picture of you wearing the finished skirt:)

  12. it really looks great, rachel! and you are so right about alexia and anna - they made it easy!

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  14. I love how your skirt turned out! I'm still working on mine! Almost done...

    So great to meet you that weekend!


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