Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lyla's Banner

A very special little girl is turning two the day before my birthday. I so enjoyed making this name banner for her bedroom!

Lyla's banner

The letters were cut from an unwanted felted wool sweater and machine appliqued. I wonder if her mother will be able to place that sweater from our high school days.

with felted wool letters

The flowers at each end are adapted from Sandi Henderson’s Sewing Bits and Pieces.  Although she used them for sachets, I knew immediately that I wanted to use them for a name banner.  As per Sandi's directions, the petals are cut from wool felt and fused on the linen.  From there the embroidery was pure play.

Lyla's daisy

Don't you love Sandi's generous use of french knots? And, here's the other one.  I added the little dragonfly since Lyla's room has a girly bug theme.

Lyla's wildflower

Happy Birthday, Lyla!  A package is on its way to you this week.


  1. Gooooorgeous!!! I love the colors, the texture, the embroidery..... seriously, this is amazing!

  2. you do beautiful work, girl!! that is gorgeous!

  3. That is adorable! The embroidery is beautiful. That is a very special gift!

    Jennifer :)

  4. That is so adorable! Good job!! You are so creative.

  5. This is just too cute!! When I have a little one I want to hire you to make one of these sweet banners!! kay?

  6. Love this banner. I am planning on making some for my nephews/niece but can't seem to pick a font for the letters! is so full of amazing choices...


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