Friday, August 6, 2010

Change is good.

Last night was one of those nights full of big ideas that get me moving.  Not sewing; reorganizing.  Our dinning room has been in a state of flux the last 2 weeks as I grapple with this fact - I sew there.  My family knows and accepts that it is a sewing room, as well as a dining room.  Well, it's time guests know too.

No more hiding the ironing board, no more constant stashing of the sewing machine, and no more traipsing to my bedroom every time I need fabric.

rearranged space

Here's my rearranged dining/sewing room. I left the extension in the table, so that our family of 4 can eat at the table, with my sewing machine, notions box and random supplies pushed to one end.

Reorienting the table out this way, made room for the addition of a little wooden shelf to the left. It's a permanent new home for my tabletop ironing board, as well as storage for the sewing machine and works-in-progress.  I just need to tidy it up with some new baskets and a fresh ironing board cover.  I'm hoping for a sewing machine cover too,  someday.

newly seized storage

The other piece of furniture in our dining room is a buffet at the right.  It used to hold a rather useless collection of tablecloths, vases, crystal, tea cups and candles.  I had to ask myself why I was storing these rarely-used items so accessibly.  So, I seized the buffet as a sewing cabinet.  My  notions and scraps fit well in the small door.  And, my ever-growing fabric stash abides in the larger side.

my fabric stash

Aahhhhhhhh! That's better. Of course, reorganizing is not without some casualties. Some items are off to Goodwill, but I was wondering if these would appeal to any of my readers. Here's a stash of 10 white glass ice cream dishes and some vintagey table linens. No room for them here!

free for shipping

The ice cream dishes are definitely vintage. I've had them for 10 years and my mother had them for ages before. AND, she thrifted them. I love their ridges!  The red/pink cloth with rickrack trim is about a yard square. It's really old (again, from my mom) and a little yellow in spots. The red/yellow fruit tablecloth and set of napkins is was purchased new, but seems to go along with a vintage decor. So, they're all free for the shipping. Just let me know what you want :). Otherwise, they're off to Goodwill too.

For more pics of these freebies, see my photostream.


Update - the dishes are taken!


  1. wow the dishes went quick! I was going to snag them from you!! :)

  2. I think we are on the same wave-length today - I've been getting a post about my sewing space together too! Now granted, I don't have any awesome vintage stuff to shed. =)

    Your home is just lovely!

  3. Thanks, Mary! It's a small place, but we've redone everything ourselves to make it "home". I'll keep my eye out for your post.

  4. I love how you made room for your sewing area! Right now I have all my stuff in the hall closet and have to pull it all out to do a project.

  5. I love your little sewing space. I just can't get myself to 'pack' it all up with each meal. It keeps me so unmotivated if I have to do anything besides just 'run with it.' So in this home I finally settled on setting it all on a card table rather permanently...can't wait to see what our new place offers space-wise.
    PS So glad someone else snagged those wonderful old ice cream dishes. I was drooling over them while reminding myself over and over again. No new stuff. De-clutter mode. :)

  6. What a great collection of fabrics! I'm going to be slightly sad when my sewing room is reclaimed as a bedroom in the future so I am scouting out the rest of the house for a future sewing area.

  7. Who needs a dining room anyway? And EVERYONE needs a sewing room! I love your dining/sewing room! I sew in the basement and have recently warned my husband that I am going to move it all up into our second bedroom upstairs which is basically HIS closet, so I can be in the light.

  8. What a great idea! I sew in the dining room too, and it is a pain to clean everything up for dinner each night. Sadly, my table doesn't have an extension, but I could store things in my buffet.....Hmmm...weekend project?

  9. [...] it?  That’s 12 quarter cuts that Mary of Splendor Falls sent me in exchange for those milkglass dishes I cleared out of my new fabric buffet.  How appropriate right?  Less dishes/more GORGEOUS [...]


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