Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alabama Chanin Refashion

Voila... it's finished!
Refasioned with Alabama Stitch Book

And, I love, love, love, LOVE it!  I'm so glad that I was reading the Alabama Stitch Book when this skirt was bleach-stained on our camping trip.  Using the bloomers stencil and reverse-applique technique to hide the stain and salvage the skirt was oh-so-enjoyable; and successful, if I do say so myself!
I love it!

I can't decide what I like best about reverse applique - the process or the finished product.  The basic method is to pin your contrast fabric underneath your outer fabric layer.  Trace the design and then stitch.  I find the stitching so relaxing!  Last, cut out the outer fabric 1/8" in from the stitch line to reveal your contrast layer.  Cutting can be a little nerve-racking.  But, happily, I never cut the contrast fabric!

Bloomers Stencil Skirt

Alabama Stitch Book, Natalie Chanin's first book, was recently followed by Alabama Studio Style.  Both books contain complete how-to instructions and gorgeous imagery.  The main difference is in included stencils and projects.   I'd really, really love to own them!  Sigh...


  1. I came across that method a couple weeks ago, but don't yet have anything to use it on (i'm not brave enough to use it on my spandex blend or heavily ribbed stuff). Looks beautiful and very feminine!

  2. Great job! It turned out amazing. I really like your banner redo as well.

  3. It's perfectly lovely!

    I need to make some dishtowls using this technique...yup thats going on the list.

  4. I have a fine knit sweater with a little hole in it that I plan to salvage this way. Natalie Chanin actually uses cotton knit jersey (tee shirt fabric) for all of her designs. After washing this skirt, I need to trim the raw edges and use some fray check. I think that knits will fray less, yes?

  5. This is really lovely. What a great way to hide stains and salvage clothes!

  6. oh my, i LOVE how this turned out, how nice!

  7. Rachel - it turned out great. You did a wonderful job with the stitching. When I did my Alabama Chanin project, in the beginning of June, I was also pleased with the outcome. I enjoyed the "slowing down" with the hand stitching. My favorite part was the "reveal" when I cut away the fabric - I too was a little tense. Carolina

  8. [...] lends itself to gorgeously embellished clothing, tablecloths, bags and book covers.  I refashioned this skirt.   See what people have made at the Flickr [...]


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