Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recalculating a {do Good} path

You know when you use GPS navigation and take an unexpected turn, how the GPS works quickly to recalculate a new route to your destination?  That's how I feel right now as I'm finishing "The Handmade Marketplace:  How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online" by Kari Chapin.  This little book is packed with new-to-me ideas and savvy advice from real, successful crafters.  I love it, but... the unexpected result is that I've realized I made a wrong turn somewhere back.

One of my goals in starting Stitched In Color was to reach out and make connections with other like-minded sewists.  Wow, can I just say that the online sewing community is amazing!  It has been so easy to make new friends.  I've been incredibly inspired by the AMAZING work you all do and encouraged by those who take the time to comment on my sewing.

I had two more goals for my efforts - to make a little money to cover new fabric purchase and to find a way to bless others, specifically needy children, through my sewing.  The obvious approach was to set up shop on Etsy, with a large chunk of the proceeds benefiting Compassion International.  HOWEVER, I think that was the wrong turn, my friends.  Kari's insightful little book has helped me see what it really takes to run an Etsy store and/or sell through craft fairs.  I just don't have the desire or time to make this into a business.  My sewing is a hobby, and that's ok.

The thing is, there are other ways to accomplish those original goals: a fabric source and doing good.  I've got a couple new ideas up my sleeve, one of which is to organize a Charity Bee through Flickr with other modern sewists.  We can collectively work from our own stashes to make quilts to be delivered to orphanages by Wrap Them in Love.   Does that sound crazy?  Well, I love to organize and I think it can be done.   A central organizer (me and whomever else would like) can plan the block design and color scheme, as well as assemble/finish the quilt.  All those interested, please raise your hand!


  1. Pick me! I love the way you've described your crafty desires... those are both reasons why I am doing my shop, too. I have no intention to make a living off of the profits. It is mainly a creative outlet for me. But I also feel strongly that, if I'm going to spend time doing this, I need to use those talents that God has given me to contribute something good to the world. So, count me in! :)

  2. Hurray, hurray! Thanks, Amanda and congrats on making Etsy's front page!

  3. Count me in, too! I had been mulling over a similar charity bee idea and would love to be included in this. Please let me know if you need assistance with anything.

    I have a similar attitude about my Etsy shop, too. I don't have the desire (or time, or energy) to make Etsy my full-time job, but I enjoy being able to share my fabric goodness with others. And I don't want sewing to become a job with monetary pressure and that taint the way I feel when I step into a fabric shop or sit down at my machine.

    Have a great weekend! =]

  4. Oh my GOSH RACHEL. I think we are totally dissimilar looking twins separated at birth. I just came across this post and this perfectly sums up what I've been telling my friends and family for ages now. I am constantly being asked why I don't have an Etsy shop, why I don't have my paintings in galleries, and people just look at me like I'm crazy when I say that I do it for fun, and because I enjoy blessing others by giving them things I made. Okay wow this is long-winded. But seriously...TWINS I TELL YOU!! :)


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